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CryptoPositive, LLC (CPTX) has been established with the sole purpose of creating a safe and positive cryptocurrency experience that allows for the community to come together to help those in need.
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О проекте CryptoPositive

For too long, the crypto space has been seen as a dubious and negative part of the internet, full of greed and scams. We feel that now is the perfect time to show the world that this space has more to offer than pump and dump coins, rug pulls, and money grabs. By creating a token that rewards its holders, gives all proceeds/profits to charitable causes, and facilitates an exciting and engaging environment, CPTX will attract investors, businesses, and establish relationships with other non-profit organizations that will change the lives of so many who can benefit from such a collaborative crypto community effort.

Crypto Positive LLC (CPTX)

CPTX is a registered business in the state of Delaware. The establishment of CryptoPositive Token is to create a Reflection Token that will generate revenue to then provide its proceeds to CryptoPositive, Inc. (CPO), a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. For clarification purposes, CPTX and CPO are two separate and independent entities.

CryptoPositive Roadmap

  • Phase #1

  • o Create and publish White Paper.
    o Establish all social media accounts.
    o Website creation and launch.
    o Contract development.
    o Contract audit.
    o Team KYC.
    o Establishing Team structure.
    o Private sale.
    o Pre-Sale.
  • Phase #2

  • o Token launch.
    o CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko listing.
    o 24 hours post launch we will make our first contribution to CPO.
    o Post-launch marketing.
    o Engage in marketing activities to spread project awareness.
    o Begin Sourcing candidates for open team member positions
  • Phase #3

  • o Finalize Core Team Roles and Responsibilities.
    o Research & development begins for Positive Health and Wellness Utility.
    o Additional Roadmap released with product development timeline.
    o At 5% of the total supply burned, the BB&B will be reduced from 4% to 3%. Holder rewards will be raised from 8% to 9%.
    o At 10% of the total supply burned, BB&B will go from 3% to 2%. Charity wallet rewards will increase from 5% to 6%.
    o At 20% of the total supply burned, BB&B will go from 2% to 1%. Holder rewards will be raised from 9% to 10%.
    o The tokenomics after burning 20% of the total supply will be as follows 10% BUSD, 6% Charity, 1% BB&B, 3% Operations, 2% LP.


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