Couture Queenz

Couture Queenz

Created using Figma
1111 OG fashionable PFPs and wearables to onboard fashion designers into Web3 through wearables, IRL fashion & NFT marketplace
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О проекте Couture Queenz

Fashion is a form of self-expression; it is wearable art that forms part of our identity. We believe fashion empowers us and Web 3 will create endless opportunities for the fashion industry.

Couture Queenz is a limited 10,000 piece collection with over 250 traits of highly fashionable female NFT pfps with clothing items that are linked to each NFT to be claimed in real life.

Couture Queenz is passionate about promoting inclusivity in the fashion industy and the NFT space, as such, our range of Couture Queenz come in all races and body types.
This collection is a celebration of fashion with the aim of building an inclusive web-3 community of fashion lovers, designers and to encourage fashion designers to learn more about Web3’s applications to the fashion industry and create a metaverse platform for fashion brands to display and sell their work.

Couture Queenz Roadmap

  • Giveaway

  • As a gift to early adopters, we will randomly select 10 Couture Queenz to receive an airdrop of an additional NFT!
  • Framed Couture Queenz

  • We will select 20 holders of our NFTs and send custom made, framed physical copies of our Couture Queenz NFT to the lucky winners.
  • Commitment to Women Empowerment

  • A donation of 5ETH each to organisations that teach women how to code and onboard women in into the Tech industry.
  • Community Giveback

  • A 15ETH pool will be launched to allow members of our community to have access to a funding in order to launch their real life or fashion NFT collections.
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  • Bringing Couture Queenz designs to life

  • This will not just be regular merch. we will begin the production of some of the popular clothing designs in the NFT collection to life. You will be able to shop the exact item! Proceeds of the sales will be donated to causes to support upcoming fashion NFT artists and also towards the community fund.
  • Metaverse Ready

  • Couture Queenz will begin the development of a 3D collection that can be integrated into the Metaverse. Selected initial holders will automatically be included in the airpdrop for a free NFT. All holders will be given exclusive member discounts and privileges to mint future collections for free. Can’t wait to see your Couture Queen at our Metaverse fashion show!

Couture Queenz Команда

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Bema Asare
Founder and Fashion Designer
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