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Together we can change the world
Hyper Deflationary Token with Smart Staking System. Hold, earn and help others in need.
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Платформа, Blockchain, Игра

О проекте CluCoin

CLU has built a vibrant community for its investors. We call it the CLUmmunity. It’s a rich, diverse, and inclusive community for all who want to use cryptocurrency to make a positive impact on their lives and local community. The CLUmmunity welcomes everyone from firsttime crypto investors to seasoned crypto professionals alike. The CLUmmunity is predominantly about building relationships. We have a strong and growing presence on a variety of major social networks and platforms, with teams of dedicated Helpers, and a community that values charity, love, respect, and kindness. Community engagement and involvement are essential parts of the CLU vision. Since the token’s inception, the strength and support of the CLUmmunity have been closely bound with its success and rapid growth. CLU actively removes barriers and facilitates access to collectible NFTs and blockchain games through various community-sponsored play-toearn activities. CLU holders can claim holder roles, earn special perks, and participate in governance to manage our community projects, such as CLU’s Axie Infinity Scholarship Program. Tournaments and exclusive events are held for rare and unique prizes, such as limited NFTs made by talented artists. The CLUvault stores rare NFT art and digital assets, which will be managed by the CLUmmunity under a decentralized governance model.

Hold and earn

CluCoin rewards its holders through reflections, which is a percentage taken out of every transaction redistributed to every holder.


CluCoin is focused on expanding its fast growing community through hosting events, gamification, NFT rewards, and more.

Hyper-deflationary burn

The burn wallet gains a percentage from every transaction, which reduces the circulating supply.

CluCoin Roadmap

  • 2021 Q2 - CluCoin is born (05/19/21)

    Exchange applications

    Submitting applications to exchanges that support our token

    vesting contracts for charity and community wallet

    Audit completed by Certik with 100% score

    Build social presence (phase 1)

    Perform giveaways available to the general public and launch campaigns on popular social platforms

    First CLUmmunity Project

    CLU Axie Infinity Scholarships

    CLU vault

    NFT Vault created & first CLUmmunity assets purchased
  • 2021 Q3- Organizational Development

    Form Clunited Charity with 501C3 Status

    Establish team and realize strategic vision & roadmap

    Establish Worldwide CLU Chapters program

    Establish organizational hierarchy within each chapter

    Build form on website that allows users to volunteer for their local Chapter or create their own

    Build Chapter charters that outline the responsibilities of each chapter

    Create chapter oaths for new members

    Formation of media team

    Website Revamp and Utility Integrations

    Implementation of CLU wallet v1

    NFT Collection

    Display CLU analytics (includes tokenomic breakdown)

    User achievement integration and milestones

    Shareable profiles and more!

    Design and implement user point system and leaderboard


    Additional incentives and rewards for Holder Roles

    Ambassador Programs
  • 2021 Q4- Exchange Buildout

    Esports Team

    Recruiting, staffing, and build a presence in Esports Community

    Media Team

    1st Charity Documentary

    Exchange Planning

    Design and plan for CLU Exchange roll-out

    Begin recruitment of staff

    Staking Contracts for Holder Roles

    Subscription-based rewards
  • 2022 - Stage 2 Begins


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