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Enabling connectivity between islands of DeFi.
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О проекте ClassZZ

Background. With the development of distributed systems, the invention of blockchain technology has caught widespread attention. It has broad application prospects in many fields such as finance, cloud computing, distribution systems and governance. The special consensus mechanism and data structure of the blockchain makes it immutable, permissionless and decentralized. These characteristics form the cornerstone of blockchain applications. The initial design of a cryptocurrency was made public by [1]. Two decades later in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoin [5], where a blockchain was used as a public ledger. The basic unit of a blockchain is a block, and each block contain a header and a bit of data (e.g. transactions), and blocks are linked together by verifiable cryptographic functions. The consensus mechanism protects the uniqueness of this order and solves the double-spend attack in a permissionless environment. Subsequent developments like ethereum have enabled Turing complete virtual machines to execute complex smart contract in a decentralized and permissionless environment. This could lead to a future for internet of value, such as the development of web3. Scalability has been an issue haunting this space since at least 2017, when decentralized applications like crypto kitty and Fomo 3D have essentially halted the entire ethereum network, and the network thoughput has not improved much until today. High gas fees and slow confirmation times are what’s holding back the defi space. Ethereum’s scalability problem gave its competitors a window of opportunity to secure a market share in the world of smart contract platforms, and they are
here to stay. The blockchain space as we know it have entered into a multi-chain era.

We present Te Waka, the world’s first decentralized cross chain protocol for native tokens. The Te Waka protocol have following desirable properties that no other protocols to date has been able to achieve,
(1) Trustless: Native token to native token, no user deposit or mapped tokens are involved.
(2) Universality: One protocol connects all smart contract enabled blockchains.
(3) Decentralized: every part of the protocol is verified on a permissionless public chain.
We hope it would eventually become the industry norm for cross chain transactions.


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