Chi Art NFT

Chi Art NFT

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$ChiArt NFT token. NFT financing community-driven meme token. First self-growing token. ChiCollect token is bounded with Chi NFT Collection with cross-network connection. Here all holders are members of the community and NFT owners are financing $CHIART token ecosystem.
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О проекте Chi Art NFT

Why ChiArt?

$CHIART token is listed on Binance Smart Chain and in the same time ChiArt NFT collection listing on base NFT marketplaces such as OpenSpace.

That's all quiet simple: every time when somebody buys NFT, part of its price goes to $CHIART liquidity and raises token price.

Community Driven

$CHIART possess loyalty, charm, and big attitude. Most importantly we will stay loyal and support the CHIART Token movement. Due to its concept NO MATTER WHAT token grows.
We're also planning to expand cross-chain to Polygon and Solanart. Both NFT collections will finance token too.

Secure & Safe

$CHIART smart contract will be published and filly audited by a top specialized team and its LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens will be burnt. That's required to avoid sniper bots attack. That means next to zero risk to our users and community from potential bad actors.

Token Ecosystem

There's not just ChiArt Token and NFT collections. There's whole ecosystem between different marketplaces including Ethereum, Polygon and others. Our token is based on full transparency and community is such part of ecosystem as token and NFT themselves.

Chi Art NFT Roadmap

  • March 2022

  • - Brainstorming and Idea Generation
    - Project Envision: Research on New
    - Blockchain Technology
    - Team Establishment
    - NFT Cross-Chain development
  • April 2022

  • - Contract Development
    - Pre-audition
    - Website Creation
    - Socials
    - NFT pre-release mascots collection
    - Pre-release marketing campaign
  • May 2022

  • - Socials and news $CHIART token promo
    - Token Generation Event - Fair Launch
    - Token Integrated cross chain (ERC, BSC, Polygon)
    - NFT Collection 8st Part Release
    - World First NFT Cross-Chain Integration
  • June 2022

  • - Website Upgrade
    - Cross-platform Dashboard for Token/NFT Holders
    - CEX listings Negotiations and verification
    - NFT artist Partnership Announcements
    - Extra Blockchain integration (in progress)
  • Прочитайте больше
  • July 2022

  • - CEX Listing Negotiations (Additional)
    - Rare and mythical limited NFT release.
    - ChiArt Lootboxes


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