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About Causevest Coin

Causevest Coin (XCV) is a new cryptocurrency built on a Participatory budgeting blockchain where coin holders vote to decide which good causes should receive the network's transaction fees.

We are a team of old-school crypto enthusiasts building a blockchain protocol that incorporates some of the original ideas suggested by the bitcoin development team but never implemented.

We are currently raising funds through an ERC20 - XCV Collective Vesting token to pay primarily for protocol development. We invite you to join our Cause.

**Only 25% of the XCV coins are available at the soft cap price of 0.017p rising to 0.1p afterwards** What started off as a pipe dream of some guy sitting in a field full of cows is now becoming a purpose-built altruistic base layer protocol with all the trimmings every XCV Token purchased will be convertible into 1 Causevest Coin when the Alpha is released to the public.
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14 февр. 2022 г.
14 окт. 2022 г.
100% завершено
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Cap 8 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 XCV
    0.017 GBP
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О проекте Causevest

How you can benefit

Buy early and profit by transacting with XCV

When you find base layer blockchains like ours and back them early you have the greatest potential to profit. You can buy XCV Collective Vesting Tokens directly by registering on to generate a wallet and making a payment in BTC, ETH, or fiat. Is also available from Uniswap with ETH at if you have a wallet already.

These tokens will be fully exchangeable for Causevest Coins when the Alpha is completed and help fund our development.

Run Nodes and Generate Yield
Not only should you buy but buy enough to earn the top yield from running a node you get an extra yield bonus if your node has 100000 XCV in the wallet (while stocks last). Running a node just requires you to have XCV in your wallet the more you have the more you can earn.


Running nodes is not the only way to profit when you have a wallet. You can help us direct the network fees, register good causes and audit donations. We reward these actions so you can benefit from the proof of work that you provide with no capital outlay a first in the sector.

Bragging rights
It will mean more to people that you are investing in a real cryptocurrency that is having a positive impact on the world around them and making a profit. It really is a great talking point to change the perspective of cryptocurrencies. We believe mass adoption will be easier with a cryptocurrency that focuses on tackling the world's problems as well as providing a stable payment and infrastructure layer.

Causevest Roadmap

  • Stage 1 (COMPLETED)

  • • Development and infrastructure setup work begins
    • We will also establish any infrastructure and structural setups in jurisdictions
    • Creation of holding company, investment funds, fundraising arms, charity and social enterprises
    • Enterprise hub setup
    • Creation and localisation of foundation
    • Providing cash flow to charities via our flagship fund, Cryptovest begins
    • Pre-registration of causes
    • Development of MVP (minimum viable product) begins
  • Stage 2

  • • The goal of this
    stage is to release
    a MVP to showcase
    the core system
    architecture of
    the Causevest
    We begin work on
    a functional
    donation platform
    that users can
    donate to and
    raise on.
    • Development of the
    platform’s backend begins
    • Protocol test net
    released on GitHub
    • Wallet building with
    backward compatibility
    • MVP platform created
    • Database setup
    • Beta testing
    • Testing of full net
    of protocol on
    GitHub begins
  • Stage 3

  • • At this stage, we
    will look at testing
    and functionality,
    primarily focusing
    on removing bugs in
    our system.
    Our trade market,
    Causevest Pool and
    smart contracts will
    be tested with
    causes listed on
    our platform.
  • Stage 4

  • •After 24 months, we
    expect to have full
    network functionality,
    primarily resulting
    in a fully functioning,
    standalone blockchain.
    POC will be perfected
    and allowed to run,
    with tools to link
    institutions and
    charities onto our
    blockchain’s auditable nodes.
    •Finalised protocol
    created on GitHub.
    • Full client with
    wallet for user access
    • Creation of test net
    • Open source donation
    platform API link to
    our protocol developed
    • Expansion of
    enterprise hub
    • Work with corporate
    partners begins.


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Рост за 30 дней:

Causevest Команда

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Malcolm Oluwasanmi
Structural Architect
Benjamin Mahala
Technical Architect

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