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Buhund (BUH), is a 0% tax token on the Ethereum Blockchain that was created for the purpose of building a strong community and coming together to build something much more significant than just one entity or individual. Buhund aims to develop their governance and incentive systems through blockchain technology.
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О проекте Buhund

In today’s context, it can be helpful to look back at the past to gain perspective on the present. For the following excerpt, I ask you to take your minds back in time with me for a brief moment.

It’s 2020. The world is a quiet place.

The world has gone still. No planes are flying, no cars are running, nor any other type of transportation is available. You have been quarantined in your home for seven days now, waiting to see what the next step is, while it feels like your mind is going to explode.

The Crypto Space — as a single unit, came together and believed in doing whatever it took to make a better world. We rolled up our sleeves, and we worked hard. As a single unit, we sparked “the rise of meme culture”’; in each army. There was mutual respect in the space, with only one common goal that brought us together. We all worked to be part of a movement that created a fair distribution of income and financial freedom. We held our bags and worked effortlessly to form communities together and push towards these goals. Things were seemingly perfect, but only for a brief period. Suddenly, everything changed, and war broke out: west against the east, the world becoming divided. With these changes came changes to the space as we know it today. Those broken by bad actors, the space is filled with larps — each claiming to be someone they are not — thousands of tokens created to get rich quickly.

I think it’s easy to lose sight of what crypto was meant to be.

When I first joined this space, owning Bitcoin meant you believed in the philosophy, and holding Shiba Inu meant you believed in that vision.

I created Buhund to see if there is anyone who still believes in a spontaneous community and coming together to build something much more significant than just one entity or individual. What I learned from launching it was overwhelming, with many mentions on social media appearing out of an instinctive will, and watching leaders from throughout the community helped push a common goal.

We all know that blockchain technology has the potential to change our world — but we need people like us who believe in it enough to get involved and make it happen.

We are building a community that is more than just an ecosystem. We want to develop our governance and incentive systems through blockchain technology. We want to show the world that even if we have a lot of friction, we can still be honest, fair, and transparent in our actions.

We believe that blockchain technology can help us solve the problems that have plagued humanity for millennia: greed, corruption, theft, and more. And we know you do, too — because you’re here right now.

I have come to restore order. I am The Shepherd, and we are Buhund. We all want a better world, and we want to help each other. Buhund is here to make that happen.


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