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BreederDAO is the NFT asset factory of blockchain games. We provide high-volume asset production, tailored to specification, for some of the largest guilds in the Metaverse so they can supercharge their Play-To-Earn economies.
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О проекте BreederDAO

BreederDAO is positioned to improve the supply of in-game assets to meet the growing demand of play-to-earn game economies through highly tuned, programmatic asset-generation systems. Whether it is play-and-earn, play-to-earn, play-to-win, play-for-fun, pay-to-earn or pay-to-win, NFT assets are the core requirement of any blockchain-based game. BreederDAO has already established itself as a leading provider in this space.

BreederDAO specializes in both breeding, the process of crossing two in-game assets to produce a third asset that contains traits of the two initial subjects, and crafting, which is focused on the generation of assets by combining skills, materials or other assets into a new asset. Breeding and crafting are in-game mechanisms used by blockchain games that enable participants to produce new assets or NFTs in their game.

Assets can be produced at scale for guilds as BreederDAO's proprietary technology cuts down the time taken to generate new assets by a minimum of 50%. This efficiency allows BreederDAO to maximize production with asset production increasing at a rate of 10% to 20% month-on-month, depending on the demand requirement. As both games and guilds define their success through user adoption, lack of access to viable assets for players is a major limiting factor. BreederDAO removes this barrier.

For highly competitive gaming teams and guilds that focus on strategic gameplay, BreederDAO is able to selectively breed for highly desirable traits. Through the process of engineering assets to maximize traits, BreederDAO enables teams to execute their strategies more effectively, leading to much higher in-game yields. The BreederDAO data and analytics team is able to respond to changing game mechanics to determine the most effective structure of traits and update asset generating programs accordingly. While many guilds may consider developing their own in-house asset generating program, their core business is the productive use of assets. BreederDAO removes the scaling constraint for guilds while allowing them to keep their NFT assets in the hands of scholars to maximize yield. This, in turn, allows gaming guilds to more adequately fulfill their role as demand-side player liquidity providers for new games.

The financial impact of play-to-earn should not be left to chance; instead, guilds and players should be able to optimize the value and effectiveness of their NFT assets through selective breeding. BreederDAO generated assets increase the opportunity and efficiency to generate yield through skill and commitment to the games.

With play-to-earn users growing at an average rate of 15.85% month-on-month [⇗] from Q4 2021 to Q1 2022, demand for play-to-earn gaming NFTs is rapidly increasing. By remaining game- and guild-agnostic, BreederDAO is able to provide ubiquitous asset liquidity for the entire market such that supply can maintain demand. It is this symbiotic relationship between the demand-side player liquidity provided by gaming guilds and the supply-side asset liquidity provided by BreederDAO that underpins the “hockey stick” exponential growth that play-to-earn games have promised VCs and investors and that today's gamers are demanding.

BreederDAO Roadmap

  • Q1 2022 - Building smart asset creation tools for Top P2E Games

    Q2 2022 - Token Launch; Staking Protocol Launch; 30 Game Integrations and 100 Partner Guilds; DAO Governance Live; Gaming Dashboard

    Q3 2022 - Rollout First Phase of AI Powered Asset Production; Planning & development of infrastructure for OTC sales channels

    Q4 2022 - Fully Automated AI Factory; Beta-testing of OTC Sales App; 50 Game Integrations and 1000 Partner Guilds

    2023 - Guild Plug-in to Virtual Factory Capacity; OTC sales channels fully live; OTC Sales App complete roll out; P2E Assets-focused Marketplace Alpha

    2024 - Defi Vault Integration; Multichain P2E Marketplace; Participate in over 100 gaming economies


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