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Binbucks is one of the best and most trusted platforms in the online link publishing industry.
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О проекте BinBucks

Binbucks is one of the best and most trusted platforms in the link publishing industry. Binbucks allows you the ability to make profits while sharing your personal content creativity through your links. With an aim of providing the top rates for your links Binbucks act as a great pastebin in terms of your content. Our purpose is always to provide you the most user friendly experience whenever you visit our site.

Binbucks operates in three ways, as well as, acts as a medium in between your content and your viewers. We understand the importance of your viewers reaching their destination, which is to your content. Unlike other link shorting services that does not really care if they make viewers wait for countdown timers, showering your viewers with multiple pop-up, and pop-under ads which will cause most of your viewers to leave before they have a chance to reach your content. This dramatically then lowers conversions and your content earnings. Binbucks does not have any countdown timers. We do not show any pop-up ads or pop-under ads. You will be usings our clean captcha page that will increase your conversions and earnings. Through our support and great coordination provided by our users we are able to continue to bring reliable services.

BinBucks Roadmap

  • Launch

  • • Building a stronger user and investor community.
    • Collaborate with influencers to help advertise through all types of social media and other informational outlets conveying messages to all types of users which are locally • and internationally. They will see how useful this innovative and economically dispersed payout token is available for worldwide benefit.
    • Continue to build a more simplified payout format for users when cashing out on their profits earned from platform usage.
    • Continue to build easier ways for investors to purchase BINB by linking up with trading platforms directly from our token page.
  • Scaling

  • • Now that our users and investor community has boosted in size, it is now time to launch on additional major trading platforms.
    • Continue to increase stronger user and investor community, which investors will continue to see growth and profit from both usage of platform and investing in trading platforms market price.
    • Having new innovative ways for platform users and advertisers to incorporate the use and BINB token through their payments and profits.
  • Future

  • • We will be continuing to accomplish our future growth by focusing on these four main growth strategies focuses along the way:
    • Cryptocurrency Growth is very important as it helps new crypto enthusiasts that have not yet invested into cryptocurrencies, not only buy our BINB token, but seek out other cryptocurrencies in the market.
    • User Earning Growth is very important as this allows more users capabilities of boosting their personal revenues and profits. This opportunity helps global economic growth.
    • BINB Token Growth and Platform Growth both are very important, as this us to re-evaluate how we can continue to give benefit for platform users and token investors within our growth structuring phases. We will be looking at ways to increase our platform users’ personal earnings and growth with platform users, in numbers, allowing more users to be able to be paid by BINB token investors increasing profit yield.
    • Investor Growth will be seen all throughout our project scales through our growth phases.
    • Continue to follow our token and platform site for updates and progress on our project’s growth.


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