Bikers' Creed

Bikers' Creed

Created using Figma
Bikers’ Creed is where the Bikers bet on the race powered by Creedverse.
To be announced
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О проекте Bikers' Creed

Bikers creed is designed with the adventure and community in mind, crafted to the highest standard.

Every custom detail is incorporated smoothly into the frame for a performance you will remember every single time on Creedverse.

Bikers' Creed Roadmap

  • Minting Phase

  • Date and time will be annouced on our social media. The team's intention is to closely monitor Market dynamics and propose a reasonable time.
  • Creed Staking

  • We have plans to launch a NFT staking contract that allows you to earn an ERC20 coin called $RACE. It will only be possible to stake your NFTs from our Bikers’ Creed collection.
    $RACE will be the primary currency for Creedverse ecosystem.
  • Skillset Launch

  • These will be the skilled riders with specific skills in riding upwards and downwards accross unique terrains.
    These skilled drivers will assist you in wining the bet races of the game with efficient bike speed management.
    Plus, it will also serve as your PFP.
    Supply will be limited to 5,000.
  • Game Initiation Q2 2023

  • We are proud to announce the first bike racing game on blockchain and will be introducing interesting betting elements within the game for our NFT holders, where you can participate in races using your very own Bikes.
    Exciting details about the game will be revealed in the phase.
  • Прочитайте больше
  • NFT Burn

  • It is the team’s objective to keep the mindmap dynamic and make Bikers’ Creed more interesting over the period. The team aims to burn 9700 NFTs by means of gaming and remaining will be the fastest Bikes’ of Bikers’ Creed. Every eligible holder of these cycles will receive airdrops of our forthcoming collection of Creedverse.
  • Creedverse

  • More interesting details to follow on the utility of $RACE in Creedverse! The roadmap will be annouced as we make progress with the existing phases. The team is more interested in launch of the first mover Game.


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