Barfight token

Barfight token

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Blow off steam in the metaverse, own your NFT character and knock some teeth out to earn crypto!
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О проекте Barfight token

What is $BARFIGHT token?

$BARFIGHT token is set to take the metaverse market by storm. This is virtual barfights! Design your patron’s attire whether it be a wife beater singlet or suit, select your weapon of choice from bottles to tasers, and get swinging — winner takes all!

The BAR FIGHTS 2023 game is scheduled for release for VR in Q1 2023 and will include 3 metaverse scenes — the bar, a carpark, and a smoking area. Each will be unique in its design and interactivity.

Players will be able to complete in several modes

- 1 v 1 (P2P)

- 10 V 10 (team)

- 1 V 10 (single player) modes

- 100 V 100 (battle royale)

Once wagering is introduced patrons will be able to compete in fixed priced entry events where the winner takes all. For example, a 10 V 10 game with $2 entry per head would pay the winner player $40 in credit. Players will be able to stake any amount on a 1 v 1 basis and challenge any willing participants. Smart contracts will hold the funds in escrow until the outcome of rounds and then release funds to winner’s wallets.

A web shop or “weapons shop” will open and allow players to purchase specialty weapons and armour to increase certain abilities, attacks, and defences.

Passive rewards from staking $BARFIGHT.

- 5% of the $BARFIGHT supply has been reserved for staking and rewards. Wallet holders who stake their $BARFIGHT tokens will earn a % the $BARFIGHT rewards pool emissions released each week.

Barfight token Roadmap

  • Pre-Drinks Q4 2022

  • Launch website
    Create pair on Pancake Swap
    Lock Liquidity
    Renounce Ownership
    Start Social Media Marketing Campaign
    Smart Contract Audit
    Open Staking
    CMC & CG Listings
    2,000 holders
  • Happy Hour Q1 2023

  • Bar Fight 2022 VR game released
    Major Social Media Marketing Campaign
    Open first 3 metaverse scenes
    1 v 1 (P2P), 10 V 10 (team) and 1 V 10 (single player) modes
    Introduce wagering on matches
    Host first 100 players knock out tournament with major prize
    10,000 holders
  • After Party Q2 2023

  • Release new metaverse scenes to compete in
    Ongoing Socia Media Marketing
    Open web shop to allow for weapons and armor purchases
    Introduce 100v 100 (battle royale)
    Host first 1,000 players knock out tournament with major prize
    20,000 holders


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