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Binance Safe Chain is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token
  • рынок
    Том 24Н
    24ч (цена)
    24 ч (объем)
  • BKEX
    0X7BB362962F2A4E2089466C79566572B37CFC5D78/USDT 8 месяцев назад
    $ 5.0141E-1
    $ 7.79
  • LBank
    0X7BB362962F2A4E2089466C79566572B37CFC5D78/USDT год назад
    $ 2.0E-8
    $ 584.37
  • CoinTiger
    0X7BB362962F2A4E2089466C79566572B37CFC5D78/USDT год назад
    $ 3.164E-5
    $ 2.298 B
  • PancakeSwap (v2)
    0X7BB362962F2A4E2089466C79566572B37CFC5D78/WBNB год назад
    $ 3.0E-8
    $ 69.98 K
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О проекте

A common misconception with the heavy APY average is the subjectivity of the impermanent loss from staking an LP (liquidity provider) in a farming reward generator. With the explosion of DeFi we have seen too many new cryptocurrency prospectors get sucked into a high APY LP-farming trap, feeling hopeless as they are pushed out by earlier buyers with higher staking rewards. We’ve all been there, seeing those shiny 6 digit figures can be pretty damn tempting to jump in. However, almost always the token suffers from the inevitable valuation bubble, which is then followed by the burst and the impending collapse of the price. This Is why we have seen the mass adoption of static rewards, also known as reflection, a separate concept that seeks to eliminate the troubles caused by farming rewards.

100% Community Driven

Community driven & fair launch. Dev burned all team tokens and participated in the fair launch with everyone else.

Automatic LP

Every trade contributes toward automatically generating liquidity locked inside PancakeSwap LP.

RFI Static Rewards

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of grow indefinitely. Roadmap

  • Q1 2021
    Protocol Initialized
    We have successfully onboarded and confirmed a $BAFE trading pair with WBNB.
  • Q2 2021
    The Initial Push
    Increase brand awareness. Our team size has doubled and our marketing campaign has begun. Listed on Coingecko, CMC. We will be expanding the team. We will be exploring other exchanges (MXC, Okex, Gate, Binance.) Announcement onboarding new Partners. Testing and assessment payments by $Bafe before putting into the launch.
  • Q3 2021
    Holding the Line
    Integrates $Bafe as a payment means for E Commerce Website Services to buy online. The Bafemart integration with tokenomics will also be completed in this quarter. We will begin architecting the NFT Exchange as well as video-game integrations. We will be architecting a crypto educational app as well as onboarding new partners.
  • Q4 2021
    Global Payments
    Innovation that Delivers Evaluate and find more partners for payment integration. Expand the scale of payments $BAFE. We finish payments service with Global market. We start a charity fund and begin a vote on the next project as well. We will be establishing a $BAFE Scholarship for Crypto and BlockChain training institutions.


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