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AssetCoin aims to become cryptocurrency for social media using blockchain DApps with AI-Based service providers marketplace. We are developing the next generational social media platform, in the social media app, you can buy ads with AC, service providers will be paid in AC, anything you want to do you have to buy AC first. We also have a rewards system, which is staking, mining, and masternode. to stake on our wallet will be simple, all you need is 1500AC to be able to stake and earn 10%, the best part is that no new coins will be produced because we get coins from the transaction fees generated from both the wallet and the app. As a miner, you get 15% monthly and as a masternode you earn 20% monthly for allowing us use your coins to validate transactions on the blockchain. Our social media app is not just built for crypto users but for the masses, purchasing AC within the App will be made easy so that even newbies can just buy coins to promote their businesses.
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Token sale 7.5%
Community & Ecosystem development
Foundation Reserve12.5%
Angel investor3%
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О проекте AssetCoin

Assetcoin is here to give users the opportunity to take control of their social media activities while earning monthly income, we are building a social media app with inbuilt service providers marketplace using AI to accelerate the users connections for services. We want to transform social media by enabling users earn money off their social activities and also powering AI Based integrated service providers marketplace. We will use staking / MasterNode to reward users and our reward system will be the best and no new coin will be produced.

Direct-To-Users Decentralize Platform

Users will have complete right to earn from the internet, as long as you have some assetcoin for staking, you will earn monthly.

You also get clients who needs your service or hire a professional from the AI powered marketplace. it will be easy to add funds to your wallet and convert it to AC and use to order, service provider gets paid in AC and can easily exchange AC to fiat and withdraw to bank.

Users who write blog post, comment on posts, like post etc will earn Assetcoin and once they reach $1000 worth AC they can turn their AC to Asset by transferring them to our blockchain for staking, then earn monthly income.

AssetCoin Roadmap

  • 2021 Q1

  • Launch
    Launch site
    Airdrop Round 1
    Airdrop Round 2
  • 2021 Q2
    Major Setups
    Blockchain smart contract, Coin Develooment, Secure wallet, TestNet & Mainet Deployment Starts
    ICO round 1,2,3,&4
    ICO/Airdrop coins distribution to Blockchain wallet starts
  • 2021 Q3
    Main Net
    Staking/Masternode starts on Blockchain Mainet
    Exchange Listing
    Social Media Desktop version Beta Launch
  • 20122 Q1
    App Better Test
    Social media Android mobile App Launch
    IOS App Launch
    Apps marketing to get 5 million users
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  • Blockchain wallet starts
    2022 Q2
    More Operational
    P2P AC internal exchange development starts
    Country to country APP promotion
  • 2022 Q3
    Platform Promotion
    Buy back & coin burn
    100 million App users promotion
  • 2023 Q1
    5 Billion Users Promotion
    Establishing global user base of 5 billion Users
  • 2023 Q2
    Hardware things
    Integration of third party controllers
    Marketplace cooperative module


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