Ape Masters Club

Ape Masters Club

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Ape Masters Club is a collection of 11,111 exclusive NFT collectibles that will live on the Ethereum Blockchain.
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О проекте Ape Masters Club

Ape Masters Club is a collection of 11,111 exclusive NFT collectibles that will live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each artwork is programmatically, randomly generated with more than 300+ hand-drawn unique 3D traits giving each art piece a distinct unique identity.

Apart from insane art and uniqueness, among other NFT collectable will hold special social media utility based on its rarity. utility will enable the holder a shout-out on ape masters social media handles, which includes Instagram account, twitter handle and Discord server. Holders can use the shout-out utility for business promotions, personal branding, and networking.


There are many apes wandering over the jungle, but no true ape master. Ape masters are different and with their true form and majestic power they are set to rule over all ape kingdom. Adaptive power, knowledge, looks, fashion sense and with their full 3D forms they are equipped to play any role in the crypto world. They will rise and rule over all the ape came before.

Ape Masters Club Roadmap

  • 1

  • Community first
    Creation of crypto and NFT centred community on all platforms (Instagram, twitter and discord)
  • 2

  • Release of Ape Masters
    11,000 Ape Masters will be released as the genesis collection of the Ape Masters Collective.
  • 3

  • Celebration Day
    On the day of reveal holders can download their high resolution ape masters form website to flex and use as they wish
  • 4

  • Start of utility redeem
    Post 15 day of the collection reveal, ape masters NFT holders can start redeeming their social media shout-out from website. detailed process and terms & conditions of shout-out will be released on all ape masters social media platforms.
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  • 5

  • Rise of the floor
    With limited supply, great art work and never seen utilities ape masters will quick to make headlines and attract new investors, entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiast into community and floor will rise providing great value for early belivers
  • 6

  • Giving back
    Release of 2nd collection after 60 to 90 days with intension to give back to ape masters early believers and holders.

    Free whitelist for ape masters holder through raffle.
  • 7

  • 2nd Minting
    Minting will happen in phases, 2000 tokens every 10 days.

    Free whitelist for origenal ape masters holder through raffle
  • 8

  • Second wallet for investments
    Something amazing is going to happen while minting the 2nd collection. ¼ of total minted amount generated through 2nd collection will be collected in separate wallet address and the fund will be used for minting & flipping other potential NFT's and crypto currency suggested by the 1st and 2nd collection holders. Whose profits will be distributed to the 2nd collection holders.
  • 9

  • Royalty
    70% of royalty generated through secondary sale of 2nd collection will be distributed to the 200 ape masters NFT holders every 10 days in rotation

    200 ape masters holders will be selected through raffle. holders having both original ape masters NFT and the 2nd collection NFT will be given the first priority.
  • 10

  • Ludo Masters P2E
    Launch of Ludo Masters Play2Earn crypto game and provide real long term value to ape masters early believers and community


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