Ape Gang Mission Banana

Ape Gang Mission Banana

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First gateway to decentralized financial services with fully-embedded governance, loyalty discounts, and deflationary mechanisms. The Ape Gang Banana Mission Ecosystem is composed of three fundamental components: the AGBM Token, the Banana Points and the Banana Governance.
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О проекте Ape Gang Mission Banana

Ape Gang Banana Mission (AGBM) is a fully-governed, deflationary BEP-20 token with a multi-tiered loyalty reward system. Every time AGBM is transacted, an amount from the transaction is taken for fees and another amount is permanently burned; naturally reducing supply over time. Holders of AGBM are granted proportional voting rights in network decisions, such as setting the burn and fee rates. BananaStake staking platform allows users to stake any BEP-20 token in the governance-chosen liquidity pools, making your money work for you. Users also gain loyalty points, in the form of BananaPoints, as they interact with the Ape Gang Banana Mission ecosystem, resulting in lower fee and burn rates on AGBM transactions.

Ape Gang Mission Banana Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Token & dApp Release

    Launch Token, Points, and Governance Contracts on BSC Mainnet alongside dApp
  • Phase 2

  • Native AGBM Staking Pools

    Release time-based native staking pools for AGBM, BananaPoints, and AGBM-PCS-V2 tokens
  • Phase 3

  • Banana Voting Contracts

    Begin decentralized governance protocol by launching voting contracts that work on the AGBM network
  • Phase 4

  • Partner Staking Pools

    Release time-based staking pools for other partner BEP20 tokens
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  • Phase 5

  • BananaChance

    Clean up the DeFi ecosystem by introducing BananaChance, the token designed to give your rugged tokens new life
  • Phase 6

  • BananaVault

    Launch the BananaVault with supporting BananaRegulator and Vault contracts. Stake any BEP-20 and earn AGBM
  • Phase 7

  • BananaBridge

    Launch of BananaBridge to send any BEP-20 token accross the networks
  • Phase 8

  • Points and Governance Upgrades

    Upgraded Banana Points and Banana's Governance contract with more robust features and improved functionalities
  • Phase 9

  • After Burn Events

    Periodically, community burn events will take place to increase deflationary pressure on AGBM
  • Phase 10

  • BananaJackpot

    Ape Gang Banana Mission's Jackpot Game, allows users to play and earn AGBM
  • Phase 11

  • Banana NFTs

    Ape Gang Banana Mission will introduce a secure and anonymous payment feature between networks
  • Phase 12

  • More Roadmap Items Coming Soon!

    Additional features, service upgrades, and more!


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