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AMUSE is a converged platform that includes finance and cultural contents. It offers
convenient integration of contents service based on trust using blockchain technology.
In addition, it pursues the values of cultural arts and share the created values
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О проекте Amuse

The society is changing through blockchain technology as Internet adopted the new method o communication of the human society . Right after US financial crisis in 2008 , control towers that had the power of issuance such as central bank and credit -rating agency and bank system that guaranteed transaction were criticized for causing the continuous crisis of cryptocurrency . Bitcoin and blockchain technology has appeared as a resolution to solve the problem , and they are progressing as they play roles as solution and governance that can change the overall ecosystem of the industry including finance.

The blockchain started from Bitcoin advanced even more through Ethereum. Ethereum’s Smart Contract, Turing Complete Code is designed to include more complicated script in cryptocurrency and implement the program that automatically realizes implementation, refund and payment in case all procedures-subscription, approval, order, shipment, payment, guarantee for defect,and tax payment -of contract satisfy contract condition. The Digital Value Ex- change era that all decentralized network participants create and exchange value through smart contract programming has come.

The paradigm of blockchain is largely divided into three steps according to the classification of some blockchain experts . The 1.0 step of blockchain is the level that a cryptocurrency or blockchain is used as currency through Bitcoin . This step provides decentralization and transparency as it opens the time of digital currency actively. Step ‘Blockchain 2.0’ is more advanced level; it is the level that blockchain technology is used as an innovative instrument focused on smart contract across overall finance and economy industry . This step provides this contract with program coding without intervention of the third  party such as centralized entities , intermediating organizations , and individuals when making contracts or transaction , and implement “ trust “ so the transaction is implemented in case the condition is satisfied . It also opened the era of blockchain business by using various decentralized application for various business. New business using the merits of blockchain in various industry fields is being planned and systematically restructured in such background . It is also making a new paradigm through the commercialization of the technology through the connection and convergence of information, manufacture, and service.

Especially, if new technology centered projects had been the main stream until 2018, the overall business ecosystem is leading overall changes through the convergence of former service and business. It means the needs of change across all industries using technology and philosophy of blockchain are being expanded , and it has already been leading changes in many industries . Especially , the time of hyper connectivity that can connect each other by accelerating various service , new concept of payment , models based on P2P and service that needs management of contents creation , copyrights , and records has come . AMUSE blockchain project has been created in the various cultural , social , cultural backgrounds . AMUSE is a conversion of platform that includes finance and cultural contents . It seeks for the value of arts/culture and conveniently integrated contents based on trust utilizing blockchain technology . In addition , it gives back the created values to users , share values , and makes it possible to disseminate the value by enhancing it through such method . Not only limited to a simple business method , everyone can easily access , participate , and enjoy through “seeking value of arts and culture ” starting from cultivation of cultural industry to digital contents service including transparent funding and fin-tech using cryptocurrency for promotion of arts. Arts shared value platform realized by a chain of steps starting from creation of contents to sales of content is the goal of shared value platform of arts and culture that AMUSE portrays.

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