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Flork is a cryptocurrency that is built on the Binance Smart Chain network. It has a total supply of 1 billion tokens and is created specifi
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О проекте Flork

Invest in the future of memes with Flork – the meme token designed to reward creativity, humor, and social interaction!

Flork’s business model is to create a sustainable and community-driven cryptocurrency ecosystem that generates income from trading fees, investments in other projects. Flork includes a 10% fee on all transactions, of which 4% is added to the Flork Ecosystem Growth Fund, 3% is added to the liquidity pool, 2% is redistributed to all Flork holders as a reward for holding the token and 1% of the tokens are burned.

Additionally, profits generated by Flork are allocated to community initiatives and reinvestment in the ecosystem. 30% of profits go to the community, 20% are added to the liquidity pool and 50% are reinvested. The Flork team is dedicated to building a strong and thriving community that benefits from the project’s success.

The Flork Ecosystem Growth Fund is used to fund development and marketing initiatives for Flork, while the liquidity pool is used to provide liquidity for FLK tokens on decentralized exchanges. The Flork team engages in marketing efforts to promote the project to a wider audience and organizes events, competitions and community initiatives to engage users and encourage participation in the Flork ecosystem.

Overall, Flork’s business model is centered around creating a sustainable, community-driven ecosystem that generates income through multiple sources and reinvests profits into the ecosystem and community initiatives.

Flork Roadmap

  • 1ºQ 2023:

  • ✓ Project website creation

    ✓ Creation and deployment of the smart contract in the BSC network

    ✓ Creation of the Roadmap, Tokenomics and Whitepaper

    ✓ Creation of social networks
  • 2ºQ 2023:

  • ✓ Deploy of the pre-sales contract

    ✓ Pre-sale opening

    ✓ Initiate marketing campaign and establish social media presence

    ✓ Listings on PancakeSwap

    ✓ Liquidity lock

    ✓ Airdrops

    ✓ Creation of the portfolio: Evaluation of investment in other projects
  • 3ºQ 2023:

  • ✓ Expand marketing efforts to reach a wider audience

    ✓ Launch of Flork staking and yield farming

    ✓ Develop new features for the Flork ecosystem

    ✓ Introduction of Flork-based NFTs

    ✓ Initiate Flork governance system
  • 4ºQ 2023:

  • ✓ Establishment of a Flork-based charity program

    ✓ Exploration of new partnerships and investment opportunities

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