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1UP, an NFT powered 2D gaming platform that decentralizes battleroyale tournaments for the average gamer, allowing them to earn.
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О проекте 1UP

The ubiquity of video games continues to increase. From the burgeoning casual mobile gaming market to the dedicated hardcore fanbase, the applicability of interactive virtual entertainment evolved from a niche market to a global phenomenon. Conversely, blockchain technology remains mostly applicable to a niche population interested in finance and cybersecurity. The 1-UP Platform observed these trends and documented similarities between the now-robust video game industry and the nascent blockchain technology applications currently on the market. We concluded that should blockchain adoption continue to grow, we must leverage the successful aspects of past innovations, demonstrating the applicability of this new technology.

1UP Roadmap

  • Esports betting

  • The total addressable market for gaming continues to grow with each year, and related industry verticals such as e-sports betting provide a massive latent opportunity for young and nimble startups and their communities. Now we can decentralize esports winnings to every single player instead of just the few professional sports players. Spectators can still watch and bet on their favorite players as well.
  • Content creation

  • Tapping into the vast pool of creativity in the free market when it comes to content creation will be at the core of 1-UP. We provide simple and intuitive drag and drop tools, letting the world flood the platform with content. From skins, characters, music packs, animation packs, text bubbles to level designs themselves. The best content will be minted as NFTs and curated to the top by the free market.
  • Social enhancement

  • Social status is a powerful emotional trigger for certain players who will want to show off their shiny new character or weapon skins, badges or rank. Display text bubbles or stickers within the lobby or 2d hang out areas. Some will gather to match make and play games but others will just relax and talk to a crowd about their recent game sessions. NFTs will serve to enhance this experience where players can share a world within the 1-UP combat universe.
  • We’re calling this strategy Elonian Expansion.

  • SpaceX failed to build the perfect rocket on their first try. They required several progressive iterations to master the art of rocketry. Similarly, the 1-UP ecosystem will deploy strategic iterations and expansions to sustainably capture the widest share possible of the rapidly growing gaming market. The potential remains massive, and we’re only getting started as an ecosystem and community. This litepaper outlines where we are and where we’re going, providing a clear path to the future.

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