Wolf Inu Token Official

Wolf Inu Token Official

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* Its a deflationary tokens
*Instant rewards
*Automatic LP
*Charity Donation
*NFTs marketplace
*Crypto Game
To be announced
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WolfInu ecosystem


A robust ecosystem is not built simply from high-quality components, but from components that also work together harmoniously. This goes hand in hand with the participation of users in the system and its governance.

The Wolf Inu ecosystem provides a sense of ownership, excellent rewards, and liquidity. Therefore, it is important to highlight that this ecosystem goes beyond just being an investment instrument and a safeguard of value. And we are talking about an innovative and sustainable technological world

In a very similar way to what happened with the appearance of the internet in the 1990s, the use of this new technology such as cryptocurrencies is consolidating, which in turn generates new cycles of innovation. Therefore, the Wolf Inu ecosystem is not far behind, offering unlimited experiences to its users with just a couple of clicks.

Our is composed of 5 fundamental points:


When talking about tokens, some may come to think of those casino chips that represented the value of fiat money, and the truth is that the concept brought to the crypto world is not far from reality. These tokens had a value within a certain ecosystem in which everyone agreed with their use and exchange.

Listed on PancakeSwap, our WOLFY token represents our ecosystem, forming part of an independent protocol that seeks to improve liquidity, while rewarding its holders in the process. This with the aim of helping organizations for the protection of canine animals.

Among the different benefits that WOLFY has to offer, the economic benefits that its holders can obtain just by keeping the token stand out, increasing the amount of incentive over the time it lasts with it. In turn, anyone who owns a WOLFY token will also be rewarded through higher transaction volumes, which result in higher fees, as well as prizes for its distribution.

In addition to the WOLFY token, the META WOLF token, our play-to-earn video game, will soon be issued. This token will also have a lot of benefits for our users.


Nft Marketplace

It is incredible, but from the pandemic different movements arose that little by little began to open a space in the vast world of the internet, although some already had their place, but they were not so well known. At this last point comes the commercialization of NFTs as an innovative branch.

The massive adoption of digital technologies propelled the NFT markets to the moon. And that is why we include a NFTs Marketplace to our ecosystem, with unique digital assets that you can purchase as collectibles or later sell them at a good price. All this under our platform, without the intervention of third parties.

By accessing our Marketplace we offer you the possibility of attending live auctions and finding totally exclusive assets for sale. You can even upload your own collectible NFTs 


our new play-to-earngame

Meta Wolf is an NFT play-to-earn Sci-Fi game in which you can create your own pack of wolves and dive into our vast Metaverse in search of our token, the most important wolf energy for the pack. With this mineral you can increase the strength of your pack, obtain benefits, increase skills, and much more.

Accompany the wolves through different territories in search of Lycaon, the king of the lycanthropes. Help the pack find him to discover the true origin of their species and have an epic battle that will define the fate of the wolves.

Meta Wolf offers you an incredible experience through its Metaverse inspired by Greek mythology. Each territory has a uniqueness that makes it different from the others, allowing players to be part of the expedition, discover different maneuvers, while making big profits along the way.



Cryptocurrencies brought a breakthrough to the economy and technology, and that is something that does not leave online transactions behind.

If we go back to the end of the sixties, we can find the exchange of debts between British and foreign companies that sought to avoid paying taxes for taking money out of the country. These are considered the first signs of the Swap. And this, in addition, sought to address the liquidity problems that existed worldwide.

In the Wolf Inu ecosystem we have this feature that allows you to safely transform your cryptocurrencies without intermediaries of any kind in negotiations. Our goal is to simplify the transfer of value between one wallet and another, offering a different exchange option than that offered by cryptocurrency exchanges.


When it comes to innovation, Wolf Inu is at the forefront, and that is why we offer an alternative to generate rewards using the values of our cryptocurrency wallet. This is why just by keeping our WOLFY token in your wallet you will be generating income effortlessly.

This strategy is used by large investors and traders to achieve greater returns on their investments and capital. A strategy very similar to staking, but with greater benefits in our ecosystem.


% name% Roadmap

  • PHASE 1

  • Publish the website, all social media and roadmap of the WOLF INU ecosystem.

    Initial Marketing push.

    WOLF INU NFT Marketplace Launch.

    Metawolf Game development.

    Submit smart contract for full Audit.
  • PHASE 2

  • Metawolf NFT sale.

    First Airdrop campaign.

    Private sale & presale Metawolf token.

    Big marketing push.

    Metawolf launch on Pancackeswap LP locked 1 year.

    The first 1000 holders of Metawolf.

    Game beta testing.

    Estrategic partnerships.
  • PHASE 3

  • Play to earn Metawolf Game Launch.

    Trending in social media by influencer marketing.

    Listing Coingecko

    Listing Coinmarketcap

    Cex listing
  • PHASE 4

  • Blockchain Game

    Wolf Inu NFT marketplace release with more segments.

    More extensive marketing campaigns across the world.

    1M of marketcap

    Staking Launch
  • consulte Mais informação
  • PHASE 5

  • Swap of the Wolf Inu ecosystem.

    Listing in top 5 exchange.

    Strengthen team with developers, marketeers and attorneys.

    Merchandise store of the Wolf Inu.

    And many more upcoming feature in the future



30 dias de crescimento:
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