Kovrita Decentralized Hedged Stablecoins

Kovrita Decentralized Hedged Stablecoins

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Created using Figma
Kovrita project exists to empower decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and to solve the most fundamental problems within the cryptographic currencies ecosystem. Project’s solutions are addressing high price volatility, market manipulations and are geared toward mollifying the lack of autonomy of diverse digital assets and technologies in their market valuation.
16 de jul de 2019
16 de jul de 2020
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100% system funds, Rewards Paid To Adopters
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Crypto Outlook Ltd.
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United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia
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Apr 19, 2019
Estrutura de bônus
System adopters are offered daily rewards defined as a percentage of their initial staking contribution. Rewards continue being paid until the total system withdrawals reach approximately 38%. This is what is called "Hard Withdrawal Cap". At this point, the current fundraising round will stop and all coin holders automatically become stakeholders, if they wish to do so. Alternatively, they can withdraw by exchanging to other supported cryptocurrencies with Hard Withdrawal Cap fee applied.
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Sobre Kovrita Decentralized Hedged Stablecoins


Project’s philosophy lies primarily in full support of the decentralization concept and development of open-source software. The project team's ultimate goal is to make a major contribution within the cryptographic space, by not only developing the tools and platforms for exchanging digital assets exclusively for trading and investment purposes but also to facilitate the expansion of blockchain technology usage into wider areas of people’s everyday activities and interactions.




One of the important project’s objectives is to develop a new type of decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. In comparison to the existing today DEXes, the novelty of such platform is in its greatly increased liquidity index for all traded assets. Such an increase can be achieved because each of the assets will be individually paired with one or more stable, decentralized Kovrita coins, serving as platform’s internal Trading References (c).

In its yet another innovation related to DEX development, Kovrita project is taking the approach of creating a large pool of stablecoins first and only then using them as solid, high liquidity base to develop its DEX platform. Notwithstanding and because of the decentralized nature of Kovrita stablecoins, they may also serve well to any third party DEXes by power-boosting their wider adoption and expansion. These processes are highly desired in the crypto space, as they should greatly reduce the possibility of market manipulations, lead to price volatility stabilization and open the way to the price discovery processes via natural, fair and asset-to-asset independent trading.


Informações técnicas

Kovrita stablecoins are initially created as a set of Ethereum contract-based (ERC-20 standard) coins. They are: (1) Algorithmically issued and destroyed by the array of software oracles, in real-time, in full accordance with the public's demand; (2) Hedged by the fiat money and cryptocurrencies “basket” in a decentralized manner.

% name% Roadmap

  • Kovrita.IO BETA LAUNCH

  • Beta testing in the production environment by early private backers of the project. The objective is to demonstrate the utility and flexibility of Kovrita incentivization models.


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