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The Future Is In Our Cryptoverse
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Detalhes do token
Oferta total
Distribuição de Token
Mint Function None
Pause Function None
Standard Fees
1% Reflection
2% Liquidity
2% Special Projects/Dev
5% Marketing
Token Name Galaxi
Symbol GLXI
Token Type BEP-20
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Sobre Galaxi

Building a digital economy for tokens, investors
& businesses using technology based on the
Galaxi considers itself not a meme coin. We are a community driven A class token with plans
to build several functional technological products that allow the user to easily trade and
play on the platform.
Galaxi is just the beginning of a larger roadmap. Future development will include a Galaxi
mobile wallet, a specialized Galaxi exchange app, mobile game paired with NFT & private
All of these pieces encapsulate the essence of our vision to build a powerful ecosystem
where investors safely and productively control their own passive income.
Galaxi will bring hope and provide dependable solutions that will benefit the entire market.
NO to scammers
Most of us have experienced the pain of the notorious crypto scams.
The amount of scam coins being created in the DEFI space is at an all-time high, and
investors are losing millions of dollars in funds due to these scams.
Galaxi brings assurances so that you can begin the crypto healing process in safety. To
accomplish this, we have the following goals:
1. Extensive vetting and verification of all senior level administrators involved in the project.
2. Provide equity and create an even playing field for participation in upcoming launched
to Galaxi holders such as implementing dump deterrent function in the smart contract.
This model will benefit genuine holders and deter many of these dump groups allowing for
genuine growth and stability.
Dump deterrent
Many launchpad projects are being targeted by many pump & dump groups, as well as
large token holders, in which they can manipulate or ruin a project due to its volatility during
the initial establishment & growth.
Galaxi will initially launch at a high sell fee prior to launch and will continue at this rate for 1
week. Why do we do this? This is to protect the investment of the genuine long term holders
that wish to see the project succeed. All fees will be inflated as per below:
3% Liquidity, 3% Reflection, 3% Special Projects/Dev, 15% Marketing
Once the initial period is over, the fees will return to normal (1%, 2%, 2%, 5% respectively).
Fees will also be subjected to change from time to time in cases where it is needed. For
example, we may need to increase liquidity to 5%, however the total standard fee will not
extend beyond 10%.


30 dias de crescimento:
30 dias de crescimento:

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