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Spiteful Sea Club

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The Spiteful Sea Club (SSC) is a Cronos-based utility project. At SSC, our vision is to become the first central hub for the new generation blockchain NFT community.

We are not just another NFT project with the aim to be profitable. We're building with long-term utilities in mind. In order to realize our vision, we plan on building actual products and networks that bring true utilities to SSC members from Day 1.
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Over Spiteful Sea Club

The character and purpose of the first 1888 models of this project reflects the desire of their owners - further develop and bring change to the NFT market and by extension the Web3 space as a whole. The Core Of The Revolution
Setting new standards and trends requires a group of convinced individuals who come together to set a wave in motion that will eventually sweep an entire sea with it. Often the value of something is not on the outside but on the inside. The Holders' Club, which is the core of the project, will be a big factor in fulfilling our mission.

SSC Ecosystem: Jump Right In In addition to our ambitious mission to raise standards in this still infantile market, we naturally also want to offer our club members a project ecosystem.

Holder Benefits

Hidden Staking

Investment Wallet Access, WL/CRO/NFT Raffles, Free PFP NFTs, Add-Ons, and get shared royalties down the road


Deep Sea Analytics

Get access to the SSC analyst team, vote on the content you want to see; educational, project analysis, crypto and more.



Holder-exclusive perks for HighPoint (tba.). In the long-term, we plan to make access card holders benefit directly off of the success of HighPoint.


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