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PWN’s initial concept was designed during a hackathon in 2020. However, PWN Co-Founders Josef Je and Steve Fau soon found themselves amid the NFT boom which led to a growing demand for the very thing that they had prototyped. With this in mind, they formed a talented team with the goal of turning the prototype into a product for the mainstream market. Now, PWN has set out to provide financial tools to the digital-first, cryptonative generation.
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Over PWN

PWN Finance is a p2p lending protocol functioning without a necessity of price oracles and systemic liquidity pools. This means arbitrary assets like NonFungible Tokens (NFTs), low cap tokens or token bundles are allowed to be used as collateral. The functionality of PWN gets to the very basics of lending. On one side there is a borrower who wants to leverage their assets without losing exposure to the upside of value appreciation (eg. holding a valuable NFT) and on the other side a creditor who is willing to offer credit against a portion of value of the underlying collateral either receiving interest or risking a contract default which will result in gaining full ownership of the collateral effectively acting as a pawnbroker.

PWN allows borrowers and creditors to utilize its platform and smart contracts to take a short or mid-term loan against any type of a transferable asset - like ERC20, ERC721 or ERC1155 standard tokens. The platform doesn’t act as an intermediator, rather it provides an interface for a neutral and verifiable on-chain initialization, lockup and settlement of the lending contracts.

The DeFi & NFT ecosystem has captured outstanding value, first enabling permissionless on-chain swaps, over collateralized loans, stable coin generation or now even wide acceptance of digital assets like art or virtual properties to accrue value. PWN is the next component which will enable leveraging the value of arbitrary assets (like NFTs) and thus further boost liquidity of on-chain capital. We envision the system to cause the following effects in the ecosystem:

1. Unlocking value locked in digital property - through leveraging valuable assets against credit
2. Creating opportunities for a sustainable high yield for creditors (100%mAPYAnnual Percentage Yield+) without issuance of an ad hoc token - through providing high interest short term loans.
3. Increased price flexibility of NFTs since creditors will be able to profitably sell increased collateral under their last recorded market price - through defaulted contracts.

We believe in a future where most assets of value are digitized in a form of an on-chain token. Soon the digital asset class will be the go-to solution for the creation of new financial instruments. More over ownership of an increasing number of real world assets will be tokenized and transferred on-chain. We think the change is inevitable. Generations of millennials and especially Generation Z has grown up in an era where digital assets have an indisputable value and a significant portion of net-worth of this demographic will be bound to digital assets. First through in-game items and lately through increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and novel on-chain assets the market is slowly shifting towards accepting digital value as a fact.

PWN Team

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Steve Fau
Simon Kozak
Dimple Lalwani
Head of Growth

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