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Infinite Bet

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A Revolution of Web3.0 Casino in ALL Metaverses. Infinite Bet is a brand that promotes everyone winning in the casino. With our unique cash back and referral program, we remove the house edge and you can be the shareholder of the Casino.
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Over Infinite Bet

Infinite Bet

We are not only building in one Metaverse but all the available Metaverses.


IB NFT is the ticket for you to enter an infinite gambling cycle. With our unique cashback and commission mechanism, all you need is to refer 4-8 of your friends to play in the Casino, then you are able to enjoy a never-loss, fun, fair, and transparent gambling experience. See below the Cashback and Commission Mechanism for more details. There are only 5,000 NFTs ever to be minted. Each IB NFT is one of a kind, with 3 degrees of rarity which determine the Cashback percentage you can get.

Normal – 4000 – Enjoy 20% cashback on loss and 10% commission
Rare – 900 – Enjoy 40% cashback on loss and 10% commission
Super Rare – 100 - Enjoy 60% cashback on loss and 10% commission
Each IB NFT is 100% unique.

NFT Utilies

Cashback and Commission Mechanism :

  • There are only 100 super rare IB NFTs that provide you 60% cashback on your loss and a 10% commission rate on the amount of loss from your friends. To be more specific, assuming you are holding Super Rare NFT, for every 1,000 you lose to the Casino, we pay you back 600. And now you introduce 4 more friends, using your NFT as the referral code, and play in the Casino, every 1,000 they lose, you can have a 10% cut. Therefore, your capital can always stay above 1,000, assuming each of them bet the same amount as yours.
  • Unlike other casinos, we don’t have special terms and conditions to enjoy cashback and commission. No min bet, no cap on cashback, no nothing. We just operate in a straightforward way. How much we earn from you, we give you back a certain percentage. This is how we make the business sustainable and keep you stay in the loop of Infinite Bet. The cashback and commission will be distributed directly to your Metamask wallet every time you log out from the game.
  • Cashback and commission are not paid by our Native Token but are paid by the currency we received. If you lost 10 ETHs, we give you back 6 ETHs.

NFT breeding :

  • If you want to develop your own team, all you need is 2,000 of our native token (IB) and the IB NFT to breed a new NFT. You will not lose your NFT. The holder of the new NFT can also enjoy the same % of the cashback and you, as a team manager can enjoy a 10% commission rate on how much your member lost to the casino.

World-class gambling experience :

  • Partner with the global leading Online Gaming provider GAN (Nasdaq Stock Code: GAN) to provide a fair, transparent, and world-class experience to the players. Games in the 1st phase include Black Jack, Slot, Baccarat, and Roulette.

Tournaments :

  • Multi-players game
    Huge prize for the winners
    Games in the 1st phase include: Poker, Mahjong, and Fighting the Landlord

Vault :

  • Security fund for the big win, every dollar we earn, we will put 50% into the VAULT.
  • The VAULT contain liquid asset like BTC, and ETH which provides the intrinsic value for the protocol and prevents price crash for the token.
  • Monthly reports will be issued and show the status of profit sharing and the asset allocation within the VAULT.

% naam% Roadmap

  • Phase One – 2022Q3

  • Seed Funding
    Key Hiring
    NFT Sales
    Online gaming partnership
    Casino Construction
    Metaverse Partnership
    Marketing Campaign
  • Phase Two – 2022Q4

  • ICO and DEX & CEX listing
    NFT Referral Mechanism Development
    Playable Demo
    Community Feedback on Demo
    Soft Launch
    1 st Multiplayers Competitions
  • Phase Three – 2023Q1

  • Code Audited
    Random Numbers Generation Certificated
    Release 1st Audited Report
    Complete the 1st Sharing to the NFT Holders
  • Phase Four – Going Forward

  • Expand to other Metaverse
    Build our own Metaverse


Infinite Bet Team

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Ken Law
Project Owner
Peter Leung
Strategy Officer
Victor Choi
Core Developer
Stephen Ngai
Community and Marketing Manager
David Lam
Legal Counsel
Katherina Wong
Operation Officer
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