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Over everLUNA

Since it’s conception, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have provided not only a means for financial gain, but also freedom from greedy banking institutions and unethical oversight. Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision was to provide a decentralized asset free of any governance. In his own words, “a new electronic cash system that’s fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party”.

With the inevitable development of thousands of daily ICO’s and the challenge for adopting cryptocurrencies today, one concern dominates the minds of investors, is it safe?

everLUNA was born as a response to the uncertainty that exists in the cryptocurrency realm. A low-tax community driven token that provides investors of any caliber opportunity for growth.

Following the Luna disaster, in which investors lost everything they worked so hard to save, we wish to restore the confidence and accountability that a project requires. We wish to provide investors with a secure haven for their hard-earned gains, as well as an innovative implementation of real world utility.

With that in mind, our core ecosystem is based on 4 platforms that are being developed: eLUNA Swap, eLUNA Wallet, eLUNA Bridge and eLUNA Staking Platform.


6% Buy/Sell Tax



A skilled team of software developers scrutinized and developed our contract which will be subject to an external audit.


We analyzed many solutions for implementing real-world functionality so that our investors may use our token for real-world transactions.


Once operational, our staking platform will reward our holders with passive income, promoting the sustainability and growth of our token.

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