The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

Auderghem , Belgium

Over The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

The event is set to attract attendees from the European Commission, startups, NGOs, academia, and governments and will cover a variety of topics such as the EU Blockchain ecosystem landscape, Law & Regulation, Metaverse, NFTs and Energy Efficiency of blockchain.

Redenen om bij te wonen

An engaging event with opportunities to network and exchange ideas with blockchain experts from around the world.
A chance to talk directly with regulators and policy makers.
Discover the latest blockchain trends.
Selection of EUBOF’s thematic reports will be presented.
Attendees from the European Commission, startups, NGOs, academia, and governments.
Panel discussions on hot topics such as the metaverse and NFTs.
A Policy Dialogue focused on blockchain regulation in the EU and how Europe can achieve its leadership and global competitiveness in the new digital era.
Networking event for EUBOF Expert Panel and other attendees.


8 jul. 2022 10:00 , CET (UTC +1)
8 jul. 2022 17:30 , CET (UTC +1)