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Cyn-C Is a multi-layered blockchain project designed to progressively build a comic-based story, NFT collectible, and Coin reward experience for the CYN-Community.
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NFT Introduction


Cyn-C Is a multi-layered blockchain project designed to progressively build a comic based story, NFT collectible and Coin reward experience for the CYN-Community.


 This project combines the use of collectible NFT’s in the form of trading cards, comics, limited edition artwork and memberships resulting in a portion of earnings going to the CYN-C project pool which is intended to grow with the CYN-C project. 


In addition to the NFT’s the team at CYN-C have released an ERC20 Token which provides reflective rewards and a burn feature. $CYNC is designed to tie in with the NFT project by way of an NFT staking reward feature. The NFT staking pool will be directly benefited from by the CYNC project pool. The long term aim of the coin is to build utility and protection for its holders. 

NFT's released will fall into 4 categories, common, rare, epic and legendary. When new cards are issued a limited number is available and once they are gone the only way to own them is to hope someone is on the market willing to sell. 

As detailed within the whitepaper all CYN-City Chronicles NFT will in the future be stakeable in return for CYNCoin. With progressive returns based on the card rarity and card quantity these will become valuable assets within the CYNC Project, in the long term they could become the single most valuable items available to the community providing long term passive income. 

Common ( 100 )  - Polygon
Rare ( 30 ) 
Epic ( 6 ) 
Legendary ( 1 )

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