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Bezoge Earth

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Bezoge Earth ($BEZOGE) is the first community-run, decentralized meme coin with a real use case. Memazon blockchain e-commerce, Memazon Primal membership program, NFT characters, MMO game, IDO launchpad and much much more…
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Over Bezoge Earth

Dear Fellow Dogizens,

The year is 2021 and in the latest who-has-bigger-balls contest between Elon and Jeff, it was a race to the moon. Earth’s most daring dogs were chosen. Tearfully they left their bitches behind. The race had begun.

Many spacecrafts were built…

by the greatest minds using public funds but as they crashed one by one before making it past the atmosphere, the human race who took part got rug pulled and many were unable to claim refunds on fake travel tickets. Only one Doge made it and established communication with a plea for help and reform.

Doge informed his species…

about the horrible life on the moon. It took endless hours to eat a doggy treat without gravity. Barking in tears day and night, to his rescue, came Bezos Doge.

The bravest of all dogs carrying the bloodline of Doge and sponsored by the billions that Jeff’s ex-wife could not claim in court.

As expected from Jeff, his blue spacecraft built by underpaid workers exploded during take off and the burning fuel scorched half of earth.

Realizing our planet needed a cure…

for communities to thrive, all species came together with established rules and a central currency used by everyone on earth named BEZOGE, honoring our dead canine astronaut. After the fairest initial distribution ever completed which put government stimulus plans to shame, the contract of the currency was burnt so it would never change and no one could control it.

Bezoge now starts its mission to revive earth and hopes to bring back Doge from the moon after it was abandoned and disowned by Elon publicly on a late night comedy show.

% naam% Roadmap

  • 2022 Q1 - Company Reg

  • Company Formation / Registration✓
    Marketing Recruitment - CMO✓
    Website Re-Launch with Strapi / React✓
    Tracking & Analytics Implementation✓
    Game World Release - Zerkzogia✓
    Game Weapons Development - Aiming Upgrade✓
    Game World Development - Bearish Dungeon✓
    Game Server Upgrades - Infrastructure Optimisation✓
  • 2022 Q2 - BETA Release

  • Team Expansion in 2D/3D + Recruitment Drive✓
    Full Theatrical Trailer Release✓
    Influencer Deal Confirmed (10 Mil Followers)✓
    Guild On-Boarding / Confirmation
    BETA Release Update
    Rental Mechanism & Testing
    Summoning Release & Testing
    Website Language Expansion
  • 2021 Q2 - Bezoge is Born

  • Coinmarketcap listing✓
    Coingecko listing
    CEX listing✓
    Meme contest
    Bezoge battle mini game✓
    Bezoge tracker✓
  • 2021 Q3 - Alpha Release

  • Bezoge Earth MMO alpha release✓
    Doggy DAO✓
    Bezoge Earth NFT character sale✓
    Meme contest 2.0✓
    Further CEX listings✓
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  • 2021 Q4 - Game Updates

  • Discord Release✓
    Roadmap Item✓
    Game World Development - Central Zone✓
    Game World Development - Zerkzogia✓
    Server Development & Testing✓
    Team Recruitment & Expansion✓


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