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WinNow is a community based project which seeks to provide rewards and financial opportunities to all his holders. Decisions about WInNow's future will be made by $WNNW holders though the use of a DAO. The WinNow community is the project's main focus as strong communities and decentralization are widely considered two of the most important aspects about cryptocurrency. The project has a no humans left behind attitude and strives to make sure all community members can win in the long run.
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토큰 세부 정보
총 공급
토큰 배포
5% - Liquidity Pool (until DAO is not in place)
4% - Holders reward
3% - Marketing Wallet
추가 세부 사항

약 WinNow

Designedto build a metaverse with real-world dynamics

WinNow is a community token designed to build a metaverse with real-world dynamics while rewarding holders. Its fair launch, which took place in November 2021, was carried out completely on the market and after its genesis, 50% of the available tokens were immediately burned.

In the coming months after the creation of a community populated enough to stand on its own, WinNow will be transformed into a token governed by the DAO and will become the governing token of the Wonniw metaverse .

Following establishment of the DAO and the renunciation of team ownership, community will be fully responsible for the future development of Wonniw.

% name % 로드맵

  • ✅ - Website Launch
    ✅ - Social Media Launch
    ✅ - Smart Contract Deployment
    ✅ - Burn 50% of total supply
    ✅ - 100% LP Tokens locked by Unicrypt
  • ✅ - Whitepaper Release
    ✅ - Start development of Wonniw, a P2E metaverse game with real world dynamics. Funds for the project come from marketing wallet.
    ✅ - WinNowSwap® deploy
    ✅ - Official audit
    - Coinmarketcap listing
    - Coingecko Listing
    - Focus on community growth and awareness
    - Influencer marketing
    - TrustWallet listing
    - 1000 WonNFTs minted: 100 for top 100 holders, 900 randomly distributed among the holders
  • - Aggressive multi-media marketing plan: sports partnerships, TV commercials, online/offline press, donations to charities.
    - Partnership with the most used blockchain bridges to make WinNow multichain (Ethereum, Fantom, Solana)
    - Introduction of staking rewards (xWNNW) instead of reflections to facilitate CEX listings
  • - Decentralized DAO voting system
    - Renunciation of team ownership in favor of DAO
    - Release of first alpha version of Wonniw metaverse
    - Worldwide partnerships
    - Top 500 crypto by Marketcap


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