Neon NightDrive

Neon NightDrive

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Neon NightDrive Is a Retrowave inspired competitive play-to-earn game based on the BSC network.
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약 Neon NightDrive

This Game offers players an innovative twist to the typical play-to-earn game by introducing competitive aspects as well as establishing a platform for our community to share their love for the Outrun art style.

This game is designed with graphics and mechanics fine tuned by our experienced development team, combined with careful selection and approval from Retrowave enthusiasts.

The Neon NightDrive game will initially launch with a retro 3d infinite runner that offers our community with a visually aesthetic, audible and mechanically pleasing experience.

We encourage all players to compete against each other for the top 50 positions on the scoreboard. We do this by introducing a twist to a standard play-to-earn experience by introducing a competitive P2E system, this is done by only providing those players with the opportunity to withdraw their score in token form.

The initial application will feature a range of Outrun sceneries as well as a selection of Retrowave music that plays as the game goes on. The player must avoid obstacles in time to maintain their score for as long as possible, put simply, the further you go, the more you earn.


To lay the foundations for the future of Neon NightDrive and begin expanding into different areas of the crypto space as a whole. We will begin by launching our base currency ($NEON) onto the Binance Smart Chain for our early investors with plans to eventually bridge to other networks in our expansion plan.

Our base currency ($NEON) will be used to access our content collectively while simultaneously contributing back into the ecosystem by implementing a perfectly balanced buy to sell ratio by having portions of each transaction branching off into Buyback, Marketing, Game Rewards & Liquidity.

Game Functionality Expansion

The First part of expansion will begin with additions to the game by introducing levels and a small collection of vehicles to unlock and play with.

The second part of expansion will be an automated airdrop system thet directly links the game to your wallet and airdrops tokens automatically


NFT’s/ Platform

As the communiy grows and the game builds more users we will begin to roll out content in the form to NFT’s accompainerd by the market to trade this content with the launch of our initial NFT collection.

This initial colllection of NFT’s will build on and utilize the first expansion car collection


Marketing Expansion, Alliances & Giveaways

Our first step in Marketing will be listed on CMC & CG, expanding on this mean being listed on different exchanges and accommodating different languages.

Forming alliances with E-sport groups and car shows. Car giveaway or BNB equivalent!  


% name % 로드맵

  • Phase 1

  • -Game Development

    -Smart Contract

    -Test on Testnet

    -Project Website Launch

    -Social Media Creation

    -Contract Audit

    -Pinksale KYC

    -Private Sale

    -Discord Community

    -Social Media Marketing


    -Full Game Release

    -Digital Marketing Ads

    -Listing On CG & CMC
  • Phase 2

  • -Digital Marketing Expansion

    -Airdrop System Revamp

    -NFT Rollout V1

    -NFT Marketplace V1

    -Website Revamp

    -Apply for new Exchange Listings

    -Other language communities

    -V2 Game Release

    -Social Media Partnerships

    -BNB Giveaways

    -Neon NightDrive Merchandise

    -Early Members Club

    -Community Sourced Ideas
  • Phase 3

  • -3D Concept for V Game

    -New Game Content & Game modes

    -Real Life Marketing Placements

    -Partner with Retrowave Artists

    -NFT Marketplace Functionality V2

    -NFT Collection V2

    -Esports Partnerships

    -NFT Game Incorporation

    -Real car giveaway (or equivalent BNB giveaway)


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