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An investment fund that attracts investments from investors through the sale of movi tokens, all funds
received are invested in the business of movi, the creation of new companies and the expansion of existing
movi companies. Movi tokens are redeemed from investors from the proceeds of the real business, all movi
All proceeds from the sale of tokens are invested in a real business, shops, online stores, real estate, the
movi social network, factories for the production of goods, and 10% of the income from the business is
allocated for the redemption of their own tokens at the current price at the time of purchase. The
redemption is carried out through the exchanges in real time.
Redemption of own tokens solely due to the income received from the real business in the amount of up to
10% of the income of the movi company. The buyback is carried out on an ongoing basis through the
2021. 7. 7.
2021. 7. 14.
100% 완료된
기금 모금 - 데이터 없음
460 000.00 USD
46 000.00 USD
토큰 세부 정보
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총 공급
토큰 배포
5% Частная продажа
5% ICO1 = 0.01$
5% ICO2 = 0.03$
5% Команда
80% Инвестиционный резерв
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회사 설립
Sep 3, 2018
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Our goal:
The main goal of is to provide an opportunity for anyone, anywhere in the world, to invest from $ 1 in a real business and get maximum income from their own investment.

Why is it safe?
The main advantage of is that we invest all our funds in real business. We receive income from this business, and from the income we have the opportunity to redeem our own tokens. The popular crypto currencies of the world are not backed by the company's income, while we will always buy back our own tokens! We do not invest investors' funds in any one specific business where there are risks of nonreceipt of income, our investments will be distributed among various industries and activities. We do not re-invest in any other crypto currencies, since our investors themselves are able to do this without us, our task is to receive a constant stable income, due to which we can redeem movi tokens.

Why is it beneficial:
Investors invest insignificant amounts of $ 1 and at the same time have the opportunity to get the maximum return on such an investment. By investing in one company, you will receive a certain income, but by investing in a group of companies, this income will multiply. Due to the minimum initial investment, you can get the maximum income in the future.


Where do we invest:
The main purpose of the investment is a profitable business in the form of offline retail and online trade, also one of the main directions of the company language is the development of the movi social network, which will be supportive of the crypto industry and completely open to all kinds of discussions of both existing and new crypto currencies and blockchain. ... On the basis of the social network, we plan to integrate a personalized e-wallet with the possibility of staking in real time, as well as receiving a discount on all types of services, or paying for any company services using cryptocurrency, both online and offline

기술 정보

Refusal of Mining:
We decided to abandon the movi mining tokens and stand for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and harmful environmental impacts, which are formed as a result of cryptocurrency mining. Our coin is environmentally friendly and does not harm the environment.

Maximum number of coins:
The maximum number of coins is 921,000,000. Without the possibility of issuing new coins in any way, including abandoning Mining and creating a new number of coins. The amount will only decrease as the
company burns 1% of all transactions. We guarantee that the number of movi tokens will not be increased immediately or ever in the future.

% name % 로드맵

  • 03.09.2018

  • The concept of the company was created, the company was created, the ways of development were determined.
  • 09.03.2019

  • The first movi retail store is opened.
  • 04.14.2019

  • Outlined way of creating a social network for the cryptoindustry. Development started.
  • 06.22.2019

  • The company opened its second and third retail store
  • 더 읽기
  • 02.18.2020

  • The company created a prototype of the movi social network, based on 13 languages of the world.
  • 09.11.2020

  • Movi opened a service center to improve customer service.
  • 05.22.2021

  • The movi company has created its own movi token based on the BscSscan platform.
  • 06.06.2021

  • 5% of movi tokens were distributed among all existing investors.
  • 07.07.2021

  • The first pre-sale is open at a price of $ 0.01.
  • 08.08.2021

  • The second pre-sale is open at $ 0.03.
  • 09.30.2021

  • The company plans to open a fourth and fifth retail store.
  • 01.30.2022

  • Planned launch of all the functionality of the movi social network
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