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Moneta is the revenue-sharing Token of the DeFi Franc Protocol.
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The DeFi Franc Protocol allows drawing loans against ETH and wBTC with 0% interest. The protocol offers capital efficient borrowing thanks to a minimum collateral ratio of 110%. The 0.5% Borrow and Redemption Fee goes to the Staker of MON (Moneta).

The Defi Franc (in short DCHF) is an overcollateralized stablecoin pegged to the value of one Swiss Franc. The DeFi Franc Protocol is a further developed version and friendly fork of the Liquity protocol and their stablecoin LUSD. In comparison, the DCHF is pegged to the value of one Swiss Franc (CHF) instead of the USD, allows for more collateral types and is designed to support native leverage on crypto-assets and LP Tokens.

There are two ways on how to receive the Moneta token: - Receive MON for staking DCHF into the Stability Pool. - Receive MON for providing Liquidity into the DCHF-3crv Liquidity Pool on Curve.

There is only one thing you can do with the MON token: Stake it in the Staking Pool and profit from the revenues the DeFi Franc Protocol is generating through taking the borrowing and redemption fee.


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