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Mist is a novel self-evolving protocol that utilizes a blockDAG distributed ledger and Fantômette consensus (similar to Algorand with a few distinct security properties). Mist also includes Par, the native stablecoin that is able to retain a stable price point far better than any other virtual currency in the market today.
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Mist is a decentralized network utilizing a block-based directed acyclic graph (blockDAG) distributed ledger and Fantômette consensus, that incorporates incentive mechanisms to improve security properties in a setting that considers both rational and byzantine adversaries. The protocol combines with these concepts a novel AI self-evolution mechanism that is able to ensure constant renewability while maintaining robust security. Mist also includes Par, the native cryptocollateralized stablecoin that is able to retain a constant peg regardless of overarching market conditions. These solutions enable Mist to possess the scalability, renewability, stability and security needed to push forth decentralized networks.



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