Liza Coin

Liza Coin

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Liza Coin is a universal financial instrument that is used for investments, holdings, payments on the platform and has a fixed issue.
2022. 2. 6.
2022. 2. 17.
100% 완료된
1% 골 완료된
730.00 USD
365 483.00 USD
  • 1 LZC
    6 USD
토큰 세부 정보
총 공급
토큰 배포
Project Reserve - 45,000 LZC (45%)
Marketing - 10,000 LZC (10%)
Sale (IEO/IFO/ICO/IDO) - 35,000 LZC (35%)
AirDrop - 5,000 LZC (5%)
Bonus - 5,000 LZC (5%)
허용 된 통화
최소 기부금
기업 세부 정보
등록 된 회사 이름
등록 된 국가
회사 설립
Jan 3, 2022
보너스 구조
AirDrop - 5,000 LZC (5%)
Bonus - 5,000 LZC (5%)
추가 세부 사항
Binance Smart Chain

약 Liza Coin

Did you miss many promising coins and projects? Don't miss $LZC and LauncnBar. Many projects only promise, raise funds, and do nothing. Our project is different from other projects in that we don't promise, we do.

LizaCoin is a fully decentralized and deflationary token built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Marketing token with a specific purpose. The goal for the new regime is to force mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and provide a serious but promising token for valuable community members.

LaunchBar is a WEB 3.0 platform with marketing purposes, with a marketplace function for Influencers, promoters, and can also be used by any user, project and coin owner, investor, holder, etc. A radically decentralized ecosystem that fits any brand and automates its advertising campaigns in minutes. Profitable in price, profitable in time. User-friendly personal account.

LaunchBar WEB 3.0 interface allows you to run fully automated ad campaigns using AI, machine learning and blockchain - technology, without modification, as well as listing and voting cryptocurrencies - research, find growing cryptocurrencies. Track the latest NFT, MEME, DEFI and other coins.

% name % 로드맵

  • Phase 1

  • Create and verify a token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. Pass KYC and Audit. Registration for Liza Coin (LZC) token voting sites. Airdrop and Marketing program. Pre-sale preparation, marketing. Pre-sale preparation. IDO/IEO Private sale & Presale. Listing on DEX & CEX. Continue to attract and develop partnerships.
  • Phase 2

  • Launch WEB 3.0 platform (VIP services, voting and coin rating, advertising, entertainment section "Hippodrome", Steaking and Invest Box, Surfing, LaunchPad). Marketing and listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  • Phase 3

  • Creation of a strong community. Advanced marketing and promotion. New listings on DEX exchanges. New listings on CEX exchanges. Long-term investments and other pleasant surprises for project participants.
  • Phase 3.0

  • The LZCbot AI and AppStore and GooglePlay apps are planned as part of the completion of PawMap Phase 3.

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