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The New Way to Invest in Sports
we will be the first metaverse betting game where you will bet in a metaverse space with other real players from the comfort of your home .
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약 DefiBet

DBET is a blockchain-based token from BINANCE SMART CHAIN that will circulate across the DefiBet platform. The token will power all betting processes on the platform, including its initialization. There are a total of 20 millions $DBET tokens to be provided - 10% of the total is blocked for the $DBET team for 1 year.

Early adopters of the DefiBet system can get the $DBET from PINKSALE Pre-sale through the next public sale, and when released can be purchased by PooCoin and PancakeSwap.

Once you have access to $DBET, you can start participating in the betting ecosystem anytime and anywhere after the platform is launched.

You can use the $DBET token in the following ways:

Bet on one bid

Create a reserve instance

For governance in future releases


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