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The Control A.I. token ($CAI) is a utility token that powers a new cloud-based software platform which adds advanced trading functionality to PancakeSwap and Uniswap.

**Stop losing money on trades just because you can’t watch your portfolio 24/7.**Don’t waste your money on vapor-ware token promises. Control AI is a project that’s complete NOW and is waiting to be fueled up by the community. Check out the website for demos.
The Control AI toolset brings the following features to PancakeSwap and Uniswap tokens:
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ControlAI is a cloud-based fully featured trading tools platform that adds advanced functionality for DeFi cryptocurrency trading platforms Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Tools include a coin Launch Sniper, Limit Orders, Take Profit Orders, Trailing Profit Stops, Intelligent Gas Control, Offline Order Execution and more.  


· New Coin launch sniper

· Market orders (anything available on PancakeSwap and Uniswap)

· PancakeSwap and Uniswap offline trade execution based on price triggers

· Limit Orders, Stop Loss Orders, Take Profit Order, Trailing Stops

· Intelligent gas and acceleration control

· Realtime notifications of trade orders

· Wallet Watcher allows monitoring of any wallet to see their trades in real time

· ‘FutureSight’ mempool scanning gives ControlAI users a significant time edge for trades

· ControlAI utility Token launching simultaneously with platform

· Crypto-focused educational video suite

Wallet Watcher

Enter any wallet address and receive real-time SMS or email notifications when that wallet makes trades or receives tokens. Useful for following successful traders or watching dev-team wallets.

Coin Launch Sniper

Secure the best prices by automatically submitting your trade order for a newly launched coin within moments of it becoming available. Control uses advanced "MemPool" scanning to detect token launches at the earliest possible times.


Send, receive and store your tokens using the included Control "Ark" Wallet. Easily track your BSC and Ethereum token portfolio value. Optionally, receive real-time SMS or email notifications when token transactions happen on your wallet.

Offline Trade Execution

In addition to standard real-time order execution, Control allows you to execute token trades based on parameters you set, regardless if you're online or not.

Limit Orders

Execute buy or sell orders when the price of a token reaches your specified levels. Never miss the "moon" again, just because you happen to be asleep when it happens.

Set Profit Target

Liquidate previously purchased tokens automatically once you've reached a certain amount of profit. Profit targets are part of advanced trading risk management strategies.

Trailing Profit Stops

Don't leave profits on the table. Trailing profit stops automatically adjust your profit targets upward as long as your profits increase.

Stop Loss Orders

If a token buy turns against you, automatically liquidate your holdings to limit your losses.

Intelligent Gas Control

Set easy to understand gas limits for the entire trading loop. Optionally accelerate orders with higher gas to secure better token prices.

기술 정보

The Control platform is already being used by Beta participants to improve trading success rates for DeFi coins.


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