Code Crow

Code Crow

Created using Figma
2222 Access Keys powering our Web3 live-streaming platform
To be announced
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Earn $RCR tokens for live-streaming and staking
In-app profits will be split amongst Access Key holders
Select streamers and Access Key holders will receive $RCR Airdrops
Early access to new features and the mobile apps
Access to tuition assistance and startup funding
Special borders around your avatar to flex your tier

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  • Phase 1

  • Build the community
    Partnership Announcements
    MongoDB for Startups
    AWS Activate
    Twilio Startups
    More coming soon
  • Phase 2

  • Minting 2020 Gen-0 Access Keys
    Holding 202 Access Keys in the community wallet
    20% of royalties go into a fund for tuition assistance and community development programs such as hosting programming and web3 gaming competitions, funding startups, and more!
    Upgrading limit from 50 users per channel to 1-million users per channel (powered by Red5Pro)
    Integrate User Profiles to allow users to establish their brand
  • Phase 3

  • Access Key benefits integration
    Recursion token integration
    Airdropping Recursion tokens to select streamers and Access Key holders
    20% of all in-app profits will go into a fund and split amongst the Access Key holders on a monthly basis
    Recursion tokens will be backed by a Solana liquidity pool, will be tradable on a DEX, and can be used to:
    stake the tokens to earn rewards
    purchase merchandise from our upcoming market
    show your love and support by tipping them on a live-stream
    Merchandise marketplace integration
    Begin mobile app development
  • Phase 4

  • Begin video recording, library, and responses integration
    Sending holders invites to Android app
    Sending holders invites to iOS app
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  • Phase 5

  • Begin smart-tv app development
    Minting Gen-1 Access Keys
    Holding Access Keys in the community wallet


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