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Nov 15, 2018
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약 aGifttoken


aGifttoken is an exceptional system that is created to rebrand gifting. Considering the challenges of being confident in the gifting sector, aGifttoken offers a method of cultivating trust between a gift sender and a gift receiver with the aid of Blockchain technology. Our vision is to create a world in which you and your friends can celebrate the most important events regardless the geographical barriers.

By using our platform we enhance the art of ensuring trust and confidence that makes gift senders to contribute more than initial estimated to the community they belong.

Considering a scenario where your birthday is coming and you use the app aGiftapp to share your wish list for gifts. Your friends will have the possibility to send you aGifttoken as a gift for your birthday or can even send you an amount of money via PayPal.Me so you can purchase the products listed in the wish list. We will give to senders the confidence that their contributions will reach their loved ones. aGifttoken is more than just a cryptocurrency. aGifttoken is to become the primary option as gift to be sent and received using aGiftapp platform. This will ensure more trust and confidence between friends and will bring greater commitment. It will not only transform the process of gifting, but will also ensure more engagement and care in the community. aGifttoken is the new concept nowadays to offer gifts using blockchain technology. Our mission is to bring transparency and trust in the gifting activities, considering that the current system of sending gifts is many times a one directional experience without full engagement of both parties.

% name % 로드맵

  • October 2017

  • aGiftapp prototype launch with option of contribution.
  • October 2017 - February 2018

  • Testing and bug fixing for the aGiftapp for the aGiftapp Beta version (hybrid version) mobile and desktop.
  • March 2018 - May 2018

  • Market research and knowledge gathering regarding blockchain.


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