The FORmE Monsters Society

The FORmE Monsters Society

Created using Figma
FORmE streetwear's collection of 3333 Brutes
Utility-packed with full commercial rights to your NFTs
250+ hand-drawn traits by Daniel Watson
To be announced


  • The Beginning

  • In 1982, we escaped from our home planet, Monstopia, and crashed on Earth, in England.
    We met a young human boy and learned about your ways. It’s here on Earth that we truly found ourselves and began unlocking the power of gratitude, self-confidence and positive thinking.
    It became our aim to help others find their true potential through these traits, so we launched a clothing brand called FORmE. The logo is written backwards serving as a reminder to the wearer every time they look in the mirror they know who they’re living their life for. It’s for the wearer, not the crowd.
    When you do positive things, you get positive results and FORmE helped us earn enough money to rebuild our ship.
  • The first 40

  • It’s been 40 years since we crashed and during that time we’ve grown to love this planet. That’s why we wanted to celebrate the milestone by dropping our first batch of just 40 NFTs, all paying tribute to the people who have helped us become who we are today.
    This isn’t just a celebration though. We’re on a mission. We need to save our fellow monsters back on Monstopia from the tyrannical AI that’s taken over. That’s where we need your help.
    We’ve been rebuilding our ship and it’s finally ready. It’s time to save as many monsters from our home planet as possible.
  • The Story

  • Now we’ve shown ourselves to the world, we can tell you our story. There’s a lot to digest though, so we’ll be releasing chapters on a regular basis while we fix the last few things on the ship.
    We need as much help as possible, and that means reaching as many humans as we can. That’s why we’ve been drawing away and we’ll have eBooks, comics, animations and even a short movie trailer to share in our Discord and across Twitter.
    Get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions when we share our history, how Monstopia was conquered by evil AI and how us three met before escaping.
  • The Launch

  • On May 19th, we’ll be launching the ship on its trip back to Monstopia. We have enough space to save 3,333 monsters from their lives of servitude.
    This time we can only save Chester’s race, the Brutes, but if we survive we’ll return for Louis and Hugo’s kind too.
    All these monsters will need a new home! That’s why we need your help, you have to give these guys a home so we can get back into space and save more monsters. The quicker we find them a home, the sooner we can get back to Monstopia.
  • 続きを読む
  • The Rescue

  • When we return we’ll save Hugo’s race, the Gorms. We’ll only have enough space and fuel to carry another 3,333 monsters with their unique traits.
    There’ll be time between rescues for us to tell you Hugo’s story and the history of the Gorms before we head back to Monstopia.
    Stay tuned because this is not a story you can miss.
  • Mission Complete

  • If we’re still alive after our second rescue mission, it will be time for our final trip… for now.
    This time we’ll be saving Louis’ race, the Creators, who built the AI in the first place.
    Some monsters say the AI war is all their fault but you can judge for yourself as we share Louis’ story and the history of the Creators.
    It doesn’t matter now anyway, all that matters is the rescue.
  • The Eggs

  • There’s a very special monster on Monstopia who is on the verge of extinction and we know where the AI is keeping their eggs.
    That’s why we’re going to try and steal 1000 eggs, bring them back to earth and hatch them. These are very special creatures though and they’re very rare because they only match when all of Monstopia’s three tribes are together.
    These eggs will need a home so we want as many humans as possible to rehome all three species – Brutes, Gorms and Creators – so they can automatically adopt an egg and incubate it. If we can pull this off – it will be the most dangerous mission of the lot – we will save an entire species.
  • A New World

  • If we can survive all this, we’ll have pulled off an incredible feat and have more than 10,000 of our fellow monsters back here on Earth.
    We can’t all stay here though, so we’ll need to build a new world, a digital world. Here we’ll create the Monstaverse Vault Vision [MVV] where our new community of humans can stake their monster NFTs into the MVV and earn smiley coins each day.
    Once we’ve generated enough smiley coins in the MVV, we’ll launch smileys as a crypto currency so all our monsters can earn their own money and spend it in the MVV. A percentage of each transaction will be burned towards a community pot to help any monsters who need it.
  • Monster Takeover

  • Once we’ve rescued our monsters, we’ll be all over the place raising awareness of our cause and the remaining monsters who need saving.
    There’s strength in numbers, and with more than 10,000 monsters on planet Earth, people will have to listen to us. We’ll be everywhere anyway, from TV to movies, newspapers to magazines, so you won’t be able to avoid us and our message.
    The more support the better and we’ll be rewarding early adopters who helped us from the beginning, so be ready for a call.

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