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The OtherDAO is a decentralized, community-owned protocol governed by the dual-backed $OTHR token. The protocol is designed around a price-agnostic revenue model based on a complex and revolutionary in-house yield maximization strategy for Otherdeeds by Otherside. Our price-agnostic revenue model means that we DO NOT rely on price action or inherit any form of $OTHR inflation to fund protocol participation incentives. DAOs are nothing new in DeFi, typically incentivizing protocol participation through native-currency inflation, rewarding participants by positively rebasing the supply of the protocol. This works but comes at the dilution of other protocol participants who cannot keep up with the inflationary aspect.
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約 OtherDAO

The OtherDAO builds off this concept, however introduces the idea of rewarding participants in a sustainable way. Our NFT-based liquidity provisioning algorithm achieves this by leveraging Otherdeeds to produce sustainable and reliable $USDC yield.
 Effectively, this introduces the idea of a yield-backed governance token, whereby fixed supply, and reliable yield creates a competitive price-floor. This model allows individuals to value the token based on the value of its perpetual yield, as opposed to the dubbed 'ponzi-nomics' of prior DAOs. Put simply, the value of $OTHR is determined by how individuals value the perpetual yield generated by each $OTHR token, which is irrespective of the price of $OTHR. The yield is generated in a sustainable and uncorrelated manner through our NFT-based liquidity provisioning algorithm (i.e., $OTHR price and APR are inversely proportional).

 Additionally, $OTHR is backed by a static peg to be determined post-copper, maintained through a portion of treasury assets. In order for any DAO to build up its treasury, it is a necessity to introduce bonding - whereby users are able to inject funds into the treasury in return for discounted and vested $OTHR. OtherDAO utilizes its sustainable $USDC yield to create a system of perpetually-increasing yield through our bonding mechanism. Whilst contrary, this is achievable through bonding being the only source of $OTHR inflation. This results in a net-zero APR delta, as the freshly-minted $OTHR through bonding, if staked, will balance our the APR to its value before the bonding due to the increase in treasury assets (and hence total $USDC yield). Should the freshly-minted $OTHR not be staked, this will result in a positive APR delta. Put simply, the APR can only ever increase through bonding. Hence, OtherDAO is effectively able to introduce the concept of sustainable inflation and perpetually-increasing yields to DeFi.



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このオファーは、オファーと他の一般に公開されている情報によってのみ提供される情報に基づいています。トークンの販売または交換のイベントは、ICOholderとは全く無関係であり、ICOholderはそれに関与していません(技術サポートやプロモーションを含む)。 ICOholderとの関係がない人物からのトークンの売り上げは、顧客が全体のトークンセクター内で行われている活動を追跡するのを助けるためにのみ表示されます。この情報は、あなたが頼りにするべきアドバイスにはなりません。弊社サイトのコンテンツに基づいて、行動を取る、または控える前に、プロフェッショナルまたはスペシャリストの助言を得るか、またはお客様のデューデリジェンスを実施する必要があります。トークンの取得に関してコントリビュータによって入力された条件は、トークンの発行者とトークンの発行者であり、ICOholderはそのようなトークンの販売者ではありません。 ICOholderは、トークンの販売に関して第三者が行ったいかなる表明についても法的責任を負いません。また、契約違反の申し立ては、ここに記載されたトークン発行会社に対して直接行われなければなりません。     

このトークン販売の性質、妥当性または合法性について懸念がある場合は、 [email protected] までご連絡ください。あなたの懸念事項に関する詳細情報と一緒に。

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