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Oikos is a platform enabling the creation of on-chain synthetic assets that give exposure to other assets by tracking their real-world price. Some examples are fiat currencies (EUR, GBP) and commodities like gold and silver (XAU, XAG). The system supports any kind of asset, including market traded shares (Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.) but also more complex products, like indices (NYSE, NIKKEI), futures, options and CFD. As such Oikos can be seen as a bridge between the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the legacy financial industry.
Main sale
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ゴール 1 500 000.00 USD
60% allocated to investors in the
private and main sale
20% allocated to the team and
advisors, vesting quarterly for 24
12% allocated to the foundation,
vesting quarterly for 12 months
5% reserved for Partnership
3% reserved for Bounties and
Marketing Incentives
MVP /プロトタイプ

約 Oikos.cash

Oikos Exchange

Oikos.exchange provides an intuitive interface for conversions between the full range of Synths available. It provides access to a variety of synthetic forms of fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

Oikos Minter

Minter is a decentralized application for OKS holders to perform a variety of actions in the Oikos Network. It provides a clean and intuitive interface that allows users to mint and burn Synths, manage their collateralisation ratio, collect fees generated by circulating Synths, view their balances and mint history, unlock escrowed OKS, and more.


Asset creation

Anyone can issue new Synths by staking OKS at a 750% collateralization ratio. For example, to issue 100 sUSD you would need to stake 750$ worth of OKS. By issuing new synths, a share of the global debt is assigned to you. This share of the debt must be repaid in order to unlock your staked tokens. The global debt is the cumulative USD value of all Synths in circulation. Your personal share of the debt is re-caculated every time you issue new Synths or pay back your debt. For example, if the global debt is 900$ and you issue 100 sUSD, your share of the debt becomes 10% (100/(900+100)). Due to price fluctuations, the value of the global debt continuously changes and so does your debt. Since Stakers are taking a risk to stabilize the system, they are rewarded through Synth exchange fees as well as through the inflationary OKS supply. Stakers must maintain their collateralization ratio above 750% in order to be eligible for those rewards. Finally, stakers have the option to hedge their risk by mirroring trades on external exchanges.

Asset exchange

Synth holders can trade Synths directly on Oikos Exchange without incurring any price slippage or requiring a counterparty. There is no order book, exchanges are simply based on the spot market rate at the time of the trade. This creates a bridge between the world of traditional finance and cryptocurrency, giving cryptocurrency holders access to various synthetic assets like stocks, commodities, fiat currencies, etc.


Asset creation

OKS is used as collateral to back all synthetic assets (Synths). Synths are minted when OKS holders stake their OKS as collateral using Minter, a decentralised application (dApp) for interacting with the Oikos contracts. OKS holders are incentivised to stake their tokens and mint new Synths. First, they are entitled to a share of all fees collected from Synth trades (0.3% per trade). Second they are entitled to OKS rewards that are distributed through the system's inflationary monetary policy. For a more in depth overview of the system, please refer to the documentation and litepaper available on the main Oikos.cash website.

Inflationary Supply

OKS tokens have a built-in inflationary supply schedule. Starting the first year, 1,442,308 OKS will be added every week, with a decay rate of 1.25% starting at week 40 and running for 194 weeks. At week 234, a terminal rate of 2.5% inflation will be reached. The minted supply will be used to reward stakers and to incentivize long-term network participation.


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このオファーは、オファーと他の一般に公開されている情報によってのみ提供される情報に基づいています。トークンの販売または交換のイベントは、ICOholderとは全く無関係であり、ICOholderはそれに関与していません(技術サポートやプロモーションを含む)。 ICOholderとの関係がない人物からのトークンの売り上げは、顧客が全体のトークンセクター内で行われている活動を追跡するのを助けるためにのみ表示されます。この情報は、あなたが頼りにするべきアドバイスにはなりません。弊社サイトのコンテンツに基づいて、行動を取る、または控える前に、プロフェッショナルまたはスペシャリストの助言を得るか、またはお客様のデューデリジェンスを実施する必要があります。トークンの取得に関してコントリビュータによって入力された条件は、トークンの発行者とトークンの発行者であり、ICOholderはそのようなトークンの販売者ではありません。 ICOholderは、トークンの販売に関して第三者が行ったいかなる表明についても法的責任を負いません。また、契約違反の申し立ては、ここに記載されたトークン発行会社に対して直接行われなければなりません。     

このトークン販売の性質、妥当性または合法性について懸念がある場合は、 [email protected] までご連絡ください。あなたの懸念事項に関する詳細情報と一緒に。

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