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The world's first hedge fund built on the blockchain.
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約 Nous

Nous' mission is to democratise access to automated asset management technology - building a quantitative research and development lab that serves a decentralised network of investors.

We're on a mission to build the world's first decentralised hedge fund - promoting equal access to elite asset management and breaking down the wealth gap, one block at a time. 



A Nous Era

The wealth divide presents one of the most challenging problems facing huamnity. Successful redistribution of wealth requires us to rethink traditional routes to accessing wealth management services and financial markets.

Nous seeks to build the world's first decentralised hedge fund providing automated management services and financial products with low counterparty risk. The benefit of decentralisation has been witnessed in the recent emergence of cryptocurrencies and digital artwork.

We believe that the technological advances in the blockchain industry in recent years now make it possible to replace the paper-based guarantees of traditional agreements with cryptographic guarantees.

Nous will leverage the outstanding technology being developed by:

  • Chainlink -
  • Polygon -
  • Glassnode -

Nous hopes to manage the assets of a diverse and global collective of investors. Compliance with AML and KYC regulation will be an initial focus for Nous and we intend to work with regulators to explore the application of smart contracts to legally binding agreements.

Nous Systems are particularly enthusiastic about the potential of on-chain data. Resources like Glassnode are capable of delivering profound insights on blockchain activity; when applied to cryptocurrencies, these insights can generate consolidated technical prompts to drive market strategy in the right direction, and most importantly, protect investors from unseen hazards.


nous approach to asset management

These key features highlight the advantages Nous will benefit from by building on the blockchain:



Nous' smart contracts are protected from cyber-attacks as well as accidental change, damage, or deletion. Should one node be exposed to such risks, it is automatically able to correct itself by falling back in line with other nodes in the system, all of which carry immutable copies of the agreement.




Smart contracts do not require the same oversight as traditional contracts to ensure that conditions are met, as they are managed automatically by the very same lines of code with which they are written. This tightens efficiency not only for new contracts written on the blockchain, but also for existing contracts which are transferred over. The time and labour which typically goes into such work can be repurposed.




Smart contracts are able to service interested parties directly, thus eliminating the need for assets to be passed between multiple institutions to be processed correctly. Transactions managed by smart contracts are always traceable.



Reduced counterparty risk

Operating on the principle of ‘what you see is what you get’, the code agreed upon by interested parties is able to execute itself autonomously once the necessary conditions are met. Crucially, users are dependent on neither the honour nor competence of a third party to carry out arrangements in an equitable way, thereby mitigating counterparty risk.






Nous チーム

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Tom Stuart
Muhamed Selmani
Kristijan Zivcec
Ylli Bicaj
Head of Community
Henry Wilson
Head of Communications
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このオファーは、オファーと他の一般に公開されている情報によってのみ提供される情報に基づいています。トークンの販売または交換のイベントは、ICOholderとは全く無関係であり、ICOholderはそれに関与していません(技術サポートやプロモーションを含む)。 ICOholderとの関係がない人物からのトークンの売り上げは、顧客が全体のトークンセクター内で行われている活動を追跡するのを助けるためにのみ表示されます。この情報は、あなたが頼りにするべきアドバイスにはなりません。弊社サイトのコンテンツに基づいて、行動を取る、または控える前に、プロフェッショナルまたはスペシャリストの助言を得るか、またはお客様のデューデリジェンスを実施する必要があります。トークンの取得に関してコントリビュータによって入力された条件は、トークンの発行者とトークンの発行者であり、ICOholderはそのようなトークンの販売者ではありません。 ICOholderは、トークンの販売に関して第三者が行ったいかなる表明についても法的責任を負いません。また、契約違反の申し立ては、ここに記載されたトークン発行会社に対して直接行われなければなりません。     

このトークン販売の性質、妥当性または合法性について懸念がある場合は、 までご連絡ください。あなたの懸念事項に関する詳細情報と一緒に。