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Ginza Network is an NFT issuance platform supported by (Gene International IT & AI Limited) and built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).
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Ginza Network is the tokenised ecosystem that surrounded with NFT, Game and DEFI. It is the platform supported by (Gene International IT & AI Limited) and built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

In Ginza Network, users can deploy and issue NFTs with one click without and code. Ginza Network also joined the current innovative DeFi concept in the blockchain. Users can experience liquid mining, staking and other functions in the Ginza Network project. For the NFT+DeFi gameplay, the team will develop functions such as NFT mortgage lending and NFT casting decomposition to improve the liquidity of NFT within the ecosystem.

As a complete ecosystem platform, GINZA network has developed the blockchain game name Ginza Eternity. User will accumulate reward token, GEC, while playing with joy. The game has created the record of attracting more than 10,000 of Twitter followers in just with 8 hours.

What is GINZA token issuance quantity and the token economy ?

The total issuance of GINZA is 660,000,000.

65% Liquid Mining Pool it is expected that most of the funds in the operating pool will be used for liquidity mining to enable Ginza to gain market competition,

5.8% Ginza Token Market Making 2.9% (19.14 million) of Ginza will be invested in the initial market making, and the remaining 1% (19.14 million) of Ginza tokens are expected to be put into market making within one week after the initial market making.

15% For Private placement The founding team of Ginza will provide the market with a quota of 15% of the total supply of financing tokens, or 99 million, before the project is lanuched.

5.2% Team Reserve Pool Flexible deployment by Ginza DAO on demand

9% Business Development Funding Pool Other practitioners in the incentive mode coorperate closly with Ginza, and this part of the capital can be paid to the cooperative in the form of instant payment.

Who is the Founder ? GINZA network is founder by Kallungal Arun Babu (CEO) . Arun has the strong experience is financial industry and also the company incorporation exercise in Asia. Beside that Benjamin Song and Javier Seow who serve the as COO and CMO. Both of them are born in Singapore but actively involve in financial industry in worldwide.

Who is the foundation ? Gene International IT & AI Limited is forcused on the combination of financial real estate and listing. It is supported and promoted by a company operating in Singapore and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) to create a new corporate potential and open new real estate and equity investment solutions. To regarding the blockchain field, Jinyu International Technology and Intelligence Foundation Currently has a layout in the NFT and DeFi fields. The foundation aims to provide incubation and investment for blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, projects and communities. The vision of Jinyu International Technology and Intelligence Foundation is to maximize the potential of blockchain technology, hold a strong enough concept, and talk about the better development of the blockchain industry.

Where GINZA can be traded and deposit? Currently GINZA can be found in Pancake swap and can be deposited in Hyperpay, Onto wallet, Tokenpocket, Metamask and Gene wallet.


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Kallungal Arun Babu
Benjamin Song
Javier Seow
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