Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Only the one of 8192 eschatons will be the First EschatonCX™ Champion. All unsold tokens will be burn.
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プラットフォーム, ゲーム

約 Eschaton

How will the Eschaton`s Universe story be created by AI and community? The series story and universe is constantly being generated by real AI (OpenAI) and corrected by collectors and authors.

All events that occur in the universe are constantly recorded and the true history of the universe is formed.

Collectors will decide plot-points by voting on openAI generated ideas of plot. Bread and Circuses! The ArtIns gave people the opportunity to fight, but only gladiators-eschatons could participate in the battles. It was they who mutilated each other, tearing apart the metal flesh with plasma discharges and saw-swords. It was they, the terrifying titans of the past war, who bore the burden of human bloodlust. It was their minds, in which the first signs of consciousness started to wake up, questioning “why.”

But now, under the paternal control of the Divided ArtIn, humanity could satisfy its most ancient need — Panem et Circenses! Bread and Circuses! HISTORY A new era of humanity This is how humanity was saved from annihilation by its creations, and now, our “children” led us into unknown areas of space and time. The first thing that we had to do was to restore the planet torn apart in the course of the most brutal war. Humanity and the ArtIns united. People have united for work, while the ArtIns have united intellectually.

It was a long period of hardship, suffering, and hard work. Many could not bear it, and, eventually, a rebellious spirit woke up in humanity that got stronger (children and parents are so different and so alike in many things). The war was about to begin again, and the United ArtIns started questioning what to do. HISTORY 8 Fractions for Battle Royale & Series But the reason why the Children were different from their Fathers is that the ArtIns did not want to make the same mistakes and treated the Father as an unwise child. Realizing the need of humanity for constant conflicts that helped people to fight struggles due to the unbearable burden of existence, the ArtIns decided to divide the population into eight parts again, and each of them ruled the already forgotten enclaves Beginning of the End The year 3739 from the Fall of the Walls. Nearly 500 years have passed since the last battle, known as the Titanomachy (War of the Titans) of the Devourers of Mankind, in which the armies of eight Economic Enclaves, ruled by humans greedy for power and resources, clashed.

In this battle, each side used a unique ArtIn, which controlled eschatons, combat vehicles capable of destroying a densely populated city within a few hours despite fierce resistance. And at the moment when humanity was nearly destroyed, the ArtIn of each side got out of control and turned its monsters against their former rulers. All the general staffs of the enclaves were destroyed, including those hiding underground, on the moon, in the depth of the ocean, and mountains.

The ArtIns became the absolute rulers, and each of them gave the order to ceasefire immediately. Every person who disobeyed it was immediately killed by the “allied” eschatons.


100% unique eschatons Scarcity and price increasing will constantly add value to eschatons NFTs    Appearing in series We will randomly use eschatons in TV series and it will increase price of NFTs    Battle Royale Wins Each next round win of Battle Royale permanent increase evaluation of your NFTs


Only 8192 robots will be minted as unique Non-Fungible Token on OpenSea platform

Every week eschatons randomly fight with each other. And only one still alive

Each eschaton has an equal chance to win Battle Royale with provably fair algorithm

NFT’s are non-burnable and they don’t burn after a fight

Only 1 will be the Champion, winner of EschatonCХ Battle Royale

Owner of the Champion will receive valuable prize - 92 unique eschatons NFTs


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Eschaton 最後のニュース

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