Cryptoholic Academy

Cryptoholic Academy

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Lifetime free Educational platform. Our educational program based on our own experience which we had collected in recent years. We can't teach people how to earn money, but we could help them to save some. Subscribe to our educational YouTube channel, let's the journey begins!
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約 Cryptoholic Academy

During the recent years more and more people started to be involved in "crypto". Hype, faith in quick money and many other reasons motivated people to enter that field, but the vast majority of them did not quite understand what they were doing. The era of ICO's brings a lot of possibilities to startups to raise funds for the development. Unfortunately not all of projects were fair enough, some of them were born with the only aim - to scam people. Many people were scammed and had lost a lot of money. Unfortunately no one could stop that scam epidemics, but together we could help to reduce its influence. We have a cure based on our experience!

We strongly believe that the vaccine from scam epidemics exists and its name is knowledge! We want to share our knowledge with everyone! That is why we are launching our nonprofit educational project. Cryptoholic Academy is forever free for everyone and could be especially useful for wise majority of people who are entering the crypto world right now.

Cryptoholic Academy has "live structure", which means that everyone who wants to be involved could take a part in our project (of course if they have the same vision as we do). We are flexible and responsive. We are going to grow together with the audience and community. We have a lot of ideas and plans to implement.

We are planning to produce short 3D animated videos where we are going to share our knowledge with everyone! Real stories from team members and supporters... useful tips, experience and opinions, personal thoughts and much more useful information will be collected in our educational platform! Forever free for everyone!

We are going to start with the Web Series with codename "ISO". "ISO" is 3D animated educational Web Series, with live and interactive scenario. The main ISO's screenplay is about "what is going on inside one virtual crypto project" and it is based on real experience. Live scenario means that it is open-ended and could be changed spontaneously according to the interaction with our audience.



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