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We envision to be the dominant pioneer in the Cannabis business banking industry by providing complete banking solutions for cannabis consumers and business. Our mission at Cannabanc LLC is to establish a blockchain banking platform for the global cannabis industry.
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Cannabanc is a project of the Cannabanc LLC in its vision of providing the cannabis industry with an alternative banking solution where they can avail all of banking services without having to worry about restrictions or account suspension. It serves as a decentralized banking platform that is deployed on blockchain— enabling users to get banking services such as open a current account for deposit, sending and receiving money, open saving accounts, apply for loans, get debit and credit cards, all in a trustless, fully secured and cost-effective manner.
We at Cannabanc aim to facilitate people from all walks of life—with the focus on farmers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers of the Cannabis industry. We strive to provide them with advanced banking solutions allowing them to perform their business transactions seamlessly and thus help them in their economic empowerment and their role as social and resilience-builders. The innovative nature of our product offering enables us to serve a wide range of customers within and beyond the cannabis industry. Moreover, we are also striving to facilitate cannabis startups and firm owners who require initial funding for their businesses or need to access loans for their business and accredited investors hoping to capitalize on the profits recorded in the cannabis industry.
Besides, in our pursuit of providing a unique banking solution for the cannabis industry, we are creating a full-scale banking service where we offer seamless transactions experience, trustless payments, easy lending options secured by smart contracts all at a minimal transactional fee. Also, using a unique operational strategy, we will continuously checkmate our services to ensure that we update our facilities to compete with those obtainable in commercial banks.
The main concept and emphasis are made on making it easier for people to deal with in the cannabis-related transactions without having to worry about their payments, so that for them in the literal sense of this expression there are no borders or restrictions.  We aim to make CNB token the universal payment tool for cannabis enthusiasts and people dealing within the industry, across the globe.
To promote the platform among potential users, we want to choose an unorthodox path. Unlike traditional crypto startups, we realize that our solution for users to use cryptocurrency will come much earlier than platforms that do not realize the importance of following a roadmap. We are coordinated and clearly defined about the plans and the integration of these or other services available to our users on our platform. For marketing and PR, we will focus on promoting our idea to the masses.
The project is led by Paresh Khatri, who is a leading entrepreneur with a successful track record of establishing various startups across the United States of America and Canada. His exceptional experience in the cryptocurrency and cannabis industry and connections from the venture capital industry will help to direct the affairs of our firm into success. Led by a group of seasoned executives, Cannabanc LLC’s management team will combine their abilities in different fields to impact our firm positively.


The Cannabanc project strives to offer complete banking solutions, enabling its users to seamlessly enjoy cannabis related transactions by eliminating the role of intermediaries and centralized financial institutions.



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