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BOOK(ART) Authors Rewards Token is the first token on TRON Blockchain to help and support authors and writers by paying them 100% for their e-book sales and rewards.
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Victor Bermudez is an author and programmer. Years ago, he published his first book on Amazon Kindle "31 Days of the Devotion: A Heart Burning on Fire for God". In 2013, he was a game programmer for 3D Gamestudio by supporting developers for little or no pay. He founded Book(ART) in 2018. It all started when he didn't receive a "fair amount",for the hard work and hours put in the book. He decided to no longer publish his manuscripts with the company. One day, he was reading articles how the Book Industry charges authors such as Amazon, ridiculous high fees when they put their books for sale. He saw the problem that every author faces "royalties". Authors don't get paid the fair amount for all the hard work they put in their manuscript. So he began Brainstorming ideas typing the pros and cons. Originally, Book(ART) was going become a "Rewards System". Book worms enjoy reading books including the next generation. So he thought to himself: "Why not reward them for simply reading a book? "Let's say for example, a person chooses a book with 20 chapters. For every chapter she reads, will automatically receive 10 Book(ART) into her account on the Book website". But he wanted "Project Book" to expand in a much broader sense for authors and writers both indie and celebrity to join the Book Network and benefit from it.


Offer services to Authors and Writers


The Book Network will offer services to authors and writers which includes translation into other languages for their manuscripts free of charge. The Book Network is also in the process of translating the entire Network into many languages. Nobody will be left behind and be beneficial to everyone in the future. We want to give every author the "Red Carpet Treatment". The Traditional Book Publishing Industry has been mistreating them for way too long and is time for them to shine.

The Book Network Functionally

In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin with SHA-256 and Proof of Work(PoW) and people began mining Bitcoin on PC and laptop with his Bitcoin Mining client for Windows that was on SourceForge. As traffic grew from 10 to millions on its Network the difficulty rose very high Click Here. The Book Network will be implemented on its new Blockchain with SHA-256 algorithm and Proof of Work Mechanism. However, as of now the Book Network will be built on TRON Blockchain until it gets congested like Ethereum. Estimated time 2021. There will be mining as well like Bitcoin and will be written in Java,Javascript,PHP,CSS, HMTL and SSL layers with protection against DDoS.

Near Zero Fee

The problem of Scalability will always presists on every Network because there are millions of people daily sending transactions.BTC has 25 tsp and Ethereum 25 tsp and because of Network difficulty both got congested. On the TRON Network the highest transactions per a second(TSP) recorded is 2000 tsp Click Here. The Book Network is in the process of scaling up to 20,000 transactions per second and have near to zero transaction fees.

P2P Linked Network & Rewards System

Authors and customers will be linked via ART DApp on smart contracts (currently under development). On the ART DApp authors will upload their manuscripts, customers will buy them and people will read them from their device. As people are reading books they will earn Book Rewards(BRW see White Paper) it could be much as 300 Book Rewards or more per a session millions of people will finish their book. It will be similar to TRONBet but with people reading books 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year we're also in the process of adding audio books. It will be much easier for parents to put their children to sleep and as they leave the ART DApp open at same time earn Book(ART). To most people that aren't doing "ends meet" will be like a second income. Coming soon on the Book Network will be Rewards of BOOK TRC20 for Voting for books and Reading a Book on the Book Network.

Challenging Quizes

People like challenges it brings much fun, excitement and rewards. Everyone likes being rewarded "loyalty points" and "badages" for all their hardwork. On the Book Network after people read a book will do a Challenging quiz what they read in the book. The Quiz will only be 10 questions(maybe more later) and varies from easy to difficult after they're done can play a HTML5 mini-game to cool off

HTML5 MiniGames

The minigames will be very simple that even a child can navigate just login via TRON Link and begin to play a game. The minigames will differ in their categories. Today the next generation is always on their smart phones playing games such as "Clash of Clans" "Candy Crush" among others. On the Book Network, they will play mini games and after going through a tough challenge to get the High Score will be rewarded with TRC20 Book(ART) in their TRX wallets.This will be done with a Points System. There's a Scoreboard so everyone on the Network can see their accomplishments. No cheating!


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