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Market Competitive environment:
Blockcloud is not the only project, which uses DAG (in this case CoDAG). The projects IOTA, Hashgraph, and Nano are also developed based on DAG.
Projects, which launched protocols based on DAG, were attractive for investors in the past and demonstrated high effectiveness of investments after entering the exchange:
IOTA – in the course of ICO 1,337 BTC was raised, capitalization - $3,3 billion, ROI USD - 2729x
Nano - ICO - not available, capitalization - $359M, ROI USD after entering the exchange - 300x
Byteball - ICO wasn’t held, capitalization - $78M, ROI USD after entering the exchange - 6,3x
Quark Chain - raised - $20M, capitalization – not available, ROI USD - 3,67x
Hedera Hashgraph – at the stage of Private sale $18M was raised, capitalization is unknown.
Project is a direct competitor of the ITC (raised $ 23,5 mln in the ICO, capitalization - $ 36,2 mln, ROI USD - 1,2x) and the IoTeX (raised $ 14 mln during the ICO, capitalization - $34,6 mln, ROI USD - 4,35x) .
Domain Name Systems (DNS) service market expected to grow from USD 238.9 Million in 2017 to USD 438.8 Million by 2022.
Google (market cap $ 779 bln), AWS (market cap $ 702 bln), VeriSign (market cap $ 16,9 bln), etc.
And in blockchain industry, there is no other project that is aiming to compete in this market.

The project advantages:
Blockcloud is not operating on the space of Dapps and smart contracts (like most DAG-based projects). Also, it uses CoDAG, which is more efficient.
Most close competitors are IOTA and Atonomi, but they are only concentrating on the development of the secure, decentralized and trusted network with economic incentive, while Blockcloud includes all that and aims to solve TCP/IP problem of the modern internet.
Miners will secure network and will be rewarded for their work.
Blockcloud Marketplace will be used to connect service providers with users and to the accumulation of feedback about that providers

The project popularity in the social networks and discussion forums
The project is detected on the radar of the next influencers: ICO drops, Lendex, Crypto Briefing, ICO Pantera, DiddyCarter, MoNoICO.
Twitter: 1,8k followers, average number of likes per post is 2, average number of retweets per post is 1, without any discussion, user activity is low.
Telegram: 25,9k members, admins on the Telegram-channel are responding fast (but only in their timezone), user activity is high

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Crypto Briefing

The Blockcloud ICO offers a well-positioned project targeting the rapidly growing IoT industry. The domain expertise of the team and track record of success lend a high degree of credibility to their proposed solution for a decentralized IoT ecosystem.
With a long list of partnerships and strong community support for an early stage project, the Blockcloud ICO is showing signs of a bright future ahead.

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ICO Drops
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ICO Pantera

1. Through the method called Codag, it can quickly record and secure the huge on / off transactions between iot devices.
2. Fairly distribute services through a method called Truthful Continuous Double Auction (TDCA) and automatically match providers and subscribers in the network.
3. Very powerful team and advisor. Small hard cap. The existence of a parent company that has been operating successfully for six years.
A complementary point
1. The road map is rather slow. Until the final completion, we have to wait until the fourth quarter of next year.
2. The iot-related platform is relatively competitive.

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Wolf Crypto

Top team and reasonable hardcap, but no existing product (not even a date given for mainnet) and low percentage of tokens offered to the public compared to what the team and “family and friends” receive at unknown discounts and with unknown vesting. Potentially top project but raising funds about 6 months too early. If we are talking about selling utility tokens, and the date when the tokens will used is +1 year - then what are we talking about? With current regulations, crypto projects have no actual legal obligations to investors, but if there is not even a way to use the tokens in the foreseeable future - we are expected to buy fairy dust.

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Ian Balina

13-July. Looked at Blockcloud, that was a pass. Link

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In short, Blockcloud is combining SCN and Blockchain technology to solve the problems of IOT. SCN provides connectivity, mobility and scalability and Blockchain operates on top of SCN to provide decentralized trust and security. 
It is a very ambitious project and has a huge team of 12 members with prior experience in IOT industry and 21 advisors on board which will certainly help them in a long run. The only thing that concerns me regarding Blockcloud is the long roadmap and no information available on mainnet but it has a huge hype in the market and they are asking for a reasonable amount of 15M in the ICO keeping in mind the things they are trying to do which makes it very good for short-term. Long-term I am neutral on the project.

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Coin Bloq
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Our thoughts on buying the tokens for flipping and investing for the long term are as follows:
For flipping: A
​The project has a low hard cap and high market awareness. The idea and team are solid. Presale participants have a long lock-up period, which makes the initial circulating supply fairly low. 
Multiple exchanges have also invested in the project, so we the tokens should not have trouble listing on decent exchanges. Therefore, we believe there should have plenty of unmet demand after the tokens are listed.
For long-term holding: A
​With the strong technical team and advisory board, we believe the team has a good chance of pulling off this ambitious and highly technical project. 
The potential for SCN and the IoT industry (which no projects are working on this unique combination from our knowledge) could be substantial.
We note that the mainnet is not scheduled to launch until Q2 2020, which is far away. However, on balance, we believe that the pros overweight the cons and like the long-term prospects of the project.

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Crypto Calibur

Blockcloud brought us under the impression that previous projects have been just scratching what Blockchain technology can do and there is always room for innovation beyond the beaten path of high throughput, low fees, and secure infrastructure projects.
 There are still many layers of technology that stand at the basis of our present networks and how they work, which will benefit from improvements. Blockcloud’s novel solution is one that will open a new path for developing applications on blockchain and improve the underlying technology from the TCP/IP Architecture.
  From our perspective the only barrier to the project accomplishing its goals will be the development of the testnet, which the team, given its size and expertise, is more that capable to deliver. We believe Blockcloud has plenty of unmet demand considering the majority of the capital has already been raised in private. Furthermore, their strong offering, team, partners, and investors make this one of the most exciting projects as of lately.

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Shin Chan

Use Case: IOT, TCP/IP architecture connecting every dots
Remarks: Not sure about highest bonus, updated advisor/VC backed scoring

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ICO review website

"The positive factors that were taken into account, were: - The proposal of significant TCP/IP architecture improvements. - Great team. The negative factors that were taken into account, were: MVP was not released. Development risk, no public GitHub. Incomprehensive Technical Whitepaper. Decrease in token price. "

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Strength and Opportunities:
Blockcloud has a huge private investor base that includes among others Genesis Capital, OK Blockchain Capital, Kucoin, Neo Global Capital and ICO Drops. This high number of credible investors is an indicator for the legitimacy of the project. The Internet of Things is a trending emerging technology topic with a potentially huge market. The strong angels with Chinese institutions provide a good starting point for winning a large part of the Chinese IoT market.
Weaknesses and Threats:
The design and concept of the blockchain that Blockcloud presents is novel. Despite the completed conceptual verification it is unclear how well the blockchain design and the consensus mechanism will work under real world circumstances. The novelty of the approach makes it also difficult to estimate development durations and may lead to delays.
The large private investor base behind Blockcloud points towards a strong ICO performance. The team is convincing and very skilled, first milestones have been successfully completed. As with most blockchain projects in the long run there remain considerable risks associated with Blockckloud, such as market adoption of its technology, inability to implement the roadmap or unforeseen technical problems.

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Midgard Research
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