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Created using Figma
Universe Coin is an innovative payment platform for cryptocurrency billing, immediate conversion into fiat currency and corresponding delivery to the seller also in fiat currency, with speed, simplicity and security for customers and retailers. Our payment solution locks value at the time of purchase, protecting retailers from market volatility, and allows them to directly transfer their local fiat currency to their accounts, with no transaction fees. This way, virtual assets become easy to integrate and easy to use.
10 lug 2019
12 ott 2019
100% completato
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  • 1 UNIS
    0.02 USD
Dettagli del token
Offerta totale
Distribuzione di token
5% pre-IEO
10% IEO
5% partnership program
15% to be annually placed on the market on 2020
15% to be annually placed on the market on 2021
15% to be annually placed on the market on 2022
15% to be annually placed on the market on 2023
20% to be distributed between marketing teams and founders
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Universe Coin
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Nov 1, 2015
Struttura bonus
Stage 1 - 100% Bonus
Stage 2 - 50% Bonus
Stage 3 - 40% Bonus
Stage 4 - 25% Bonus
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MVP / Prototipo

Di Universe Coin

In addition to funding the implementation and expansion of the project, tokens will be used as currency for paying for in-store and online store purchases, as well as for payment of transaction fees. Universe Coin loves the idea of making cryptocurrency easier for all players. We have designed a wallet and payment gateway that together allow any cryptocurrency user to use it in their daily shopping, with complete security, simplicity and freedom.
When it comes to security, we keep coins in customers' wallets so they can use them whenever they want, in a convenient and quick way. The retailer receives the payment, verifies the charge within Universe Coin’s platform and he can immediately complete the sale.
For simplicity, both legal and user-friendly, Universe Coin makes the free wallet download and payment processor available to users and businesses. The app is available within seconds of downloading. The retailer receives the physical terminal right after registration.
Using the Universe Coin wallet allows the user to have a certain cash back in UNIS, which encourages the use of the currency. It is even possible to get a discount on transaction fees when UNIS is used for fee payment or even full fee exemption on 100% UNIS payment transactions. It is also possible to get rewards for recommending the Universe Coin app and terminal to other users and businesses.
These incentives will lead more people and businesses to use UNIS currency in their daily purchases, promoting its use and helping to spread it faster around the world.
As the company only puts on the market 20% of all coins in circulation in 2019 and 15% annually (if the value of the currency is higher than the previous year's average), there will be no excess of coins in the market and the conditions will be met to turn UNIS into a success as a mean of payment for current and future cryptocurrency users.
In addition, the founders undertake not to sell their own coins before 2024, causing a shortage of supply facing the demand that will eventually contribute to the appreciation of the currency.

% name% Roadmap

  • July 10 - October 12 2019

  • Pre-IEO Private Sales $ 0.02 - 5% of Universe Coin total
  • October 13 - IEO Launch

  • Stage 1 - 100% Bonus
    Stage 2 - 50% Bonus
    Stage 3 - 40% Bonus
    Stage 4 - 25% Bonus
  • 2H 2019

  • App development and e-commerce platform with cryptocurrency payment methods
    Installing terminals on Europe & Brazil
  • 4Q 2019 - 2023

  • Universe Coin launched on the Market Place at 0,05$ 2020 Installing terminals in the rest of the world
    2020 Universe Coin: 15% Distribution
    2021 Universe Coin: 15% Distribution
    2022 Universe Coin: 15% Distribution
    2023 Universe Coin: 15% Distribution
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  • GOAL:

  • 2025 - 200 million Apps on mobile phones and 20 million Universe Coin terminals


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Universe Coin Squadra

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Marcos Ozi
Founder & CEO
non verificato
Jorge Mesquita
Founder & COO
Filipe Camargo
Founder & CIO
non verificato
Miqueias Silva
Founder & CTO
Mariana Sousa
non verificato
Maria João Figueired...
non verificato
Sálvio Cucolo
Marketing & Social Media Manager
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Saulo Colino Carvalh...
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Universe Coin Interviste

Jorge Mesquita
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am a team member and co-founder of Universe Coin. Since the beginning I have been responsible for the project's dissemination, promotion and development, especially with regard to the IEO launch and the relationship with Latoken exchange. We selected Latoken for offering us the assurance of professionalism, know-how and being the first exchange in capital raising through IEO.
I also have responsibility for the international expansion of the business, both for wallet users and retailers.
My extensive experience in retail, marketing and business leadership, has proven to be very useful for the development of the business project that underpins IEO.
What do you think about idea?
The UNIS IEO project was the way chosen by the founding team to raise the funds needed for the investment of Universe Coin business project.
I believe in the project from the beginning because the solution we are offering is already in place, is necessary in the market and extremely simple to use. The system protects retailers as it blocks value at the moment of sale and converts immediately to fiat currency. It is easy to use and free of fees to the seller.
For customers, it is a low cost payment gateway and wallet which allow them to pay in cryptocurrency at any physical or online store anywhere in the world.
We were at BTC Barcelona and BEF in London and the market interest was even higher than we had anticipated. So, I am extremely confident that our business, our product and our global expansion strategy will be nothing less than successfully.
Miqueias Silva
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I’m a member of the team and the co-founder of Universe Coin. I’m one of the people responsible for selecting the available technologies and applying them in the development and production.

I work alongside an extremely skilled team, taking care of each detail, from the hardware to the software, each process, each code and each algorithm.

We built our own platform from scratch, guaranteeing an innovative service. All this so that both our users and partners can have the best possible experience.
What do you think about idea?
Wherever we pass through, we have observed that in the crypto currency market the interface solution between fiat money and cryptocoin is extremely required.

I believe in the project, since it’s completely ground-breaking to be offering to the users and partners the possibility of paying and receiving in a simple and intuitive manner using cryptocurrency.

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