QAN Blockchain Platform

QAN Blockchain Platform

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QAN is the first quantum-proof, secure, fast and multilingual crypto platform that runs smart contracts in all major languages and meets the real demands of industries adopting crypto. The unique Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) protocol behind it was built with ease-of-use and fast scalability in mind, focusing on the universal usability of the platform.
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Sep 4, 2019
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Di QAN Blockchain Platform is a new-generation blockchain platform that serves as a basis for industrial-grade technologies and financial applications. Our main goal was to create a secure blockchain platform, which facilitates and simplifies business processes and is easy to use for everybody. While Bitcoin’s first blockchain platform brought a paradigm shift in finance and technology labs in the year of 2009, Ethereum took a big step ahead with improvements and smart contracts in 2013. QANplatform is now fixing their flaws, fulfilling their mission to come out of the labs. was designed by Silur, a former contributing developer to some of the top blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Monero and Zcash.


QAN has mapped out all the key features needed by industry players, developers and platform users, and combined them into one powerful solution. These features are:

- Quantum Security: The first quantum-proof blockchain platform that resists the most advanced cyber-attacks in the years to come, based on Lattice cryptography - which means it’s resilient to quantum attacks.
- User-Friendly: All major languages accepted to write smart contracts. Developers can write smart contracts in the language they already know, thus ensuring fast adoption.
- Low Energy: Far less computing resources and low energy consumption thanks to the
unique consensus - Proof-of-Randomness (PoR).
- Speed and Scalability: 100 times faster than Ethereum - TPS 97k for enterprise (POA) chains.
- 5G and IoT-Friendly: Heavy research on 5G-friendliness to benefit from 5G technology.
- Complete Ecosystem: Each participant is financially motivated [node providers, smart
contract developers (generic and specific), validators].
- Easily Adoptable for Businesses: Fixed transaction prices in FIAT to ensure planning
predictability for company CFOs.

Informazioni tecniche

We propose a novel blockchain platform with a fully quantum-resilient cryptography stack based on Lattices. QAN utilizes most of the Algorand consensus mechanism and is designed to benefit most from the upcoming 5G technology to enable seamless integration to V2X, Enterprise use cases and industry4 applications.

Since their first implementations in 2015, smart-contract based blockchain plat- forms proved their relevance on various markets where participants can gain game-theoretic advantage by handling data privately. In the following years, initial problems like privacy, scalability, offchain protocols and ease of devel- opment were subject to exhaustive research. On October 23 2019, Google an- nounced it’s Quantum Supremacy by solving a decisional problem about the distribution of a given dataset of extreme size. While this is still far from a practical threat to conventional cryptosystems, a rigorous and sound system to address this future problem is needed especially in the blockchain ecosystem since it’s adaptivity to changes relies mostly on it’s community. We introduce QAN, a generic metered smartcontract platform with the main distinguishing feature that it arguably resists quantum adversaries. Most of our cryptographic primitives rely on worst-case Lattice problems that are known to be hard in AWPP and not in BQP.


Read the QAN Thechnical White Paper:

% name% Roadmap

  • March 2019

  • [Business] Centrum Circle powers the project
    Pre-work: Business Dev, IT, Law, Finance, Marketing
  • June 2019

  • [IT] Network layer
    [IT] Database layer
  • July 2019

  • [IT] WM / Language layer
    [IT] Advanced crypto
  • August 2019

  • [IT] Quantum safety
    [IT] Consensus layer
  • Leggi di più
  • September 2019

  • [Business] Founding the company: Quantum Global OÜ (Estonia)
    [PR] Website start and PR campaig start
    [IT] Glue phase
  • October 2019

  • [Conference] Delta Summit - Malta
    [Publications] Releasing our first ebook: Quantum Computing and Blockchain: The Definitive Guide
    [Business] Sales campaign on Binance Chain (oversubscribed)
    [IT] Demo version
    [Community] Reaching 25,000+ Telegram group members
  • November 2019

  • [Business] Operating licences from the Estonian Authority (License numbers: FRK001074, FVR001189)
    [Announcement] Press event in Warsaw (Poland) - cooperation
    [Conference] Malta AI & Blockchain Summit - Malta
    [Conference] The Capital - Singapore
    [Conference] Blockshow Asia 2019 - Singapore
    [Conference] Sir Anthony Ritossa's 10th Global Family Office Investment Summit - Dubai
  • December 2019

  • [IEO] IEO Launchpad starts on
    [PR] Reaching 200 media mentions about QAN including,,, Yahoo Finance!, Block TV, Ivan on Tech, ZyCryptoo, News BTC, U.Today, The Street, Decrypt...
    [Publications] Releasing our 2nd ebook: Blockchain's Energy Consumption: The Definitive Guide
  • January 2020

  • [IEO] Public sale start on IEO Launchpad (20th of January 2020)
  • Q1 2020

  • [IT] Beta version of QAN blockchain platform
    [IEO] Public sale end on IEO Launchpad (23th of March 2020)
  • Q2 2020

  • [IT] Produc launch of QAN blockchain platform

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